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  1. OK, first off I'm not filling out a template because for now the question isn't about "What laptop to buy", but rather "Is this a good laptop to replace the old one". So, I'm looking for a new laptop for my lady, and she currently uses Dell XPS 15 9550 (i7, 16 RAM , 512 storage, 4k display). She's been asking for a lighter replacement, and it's black deals now, so seems like a good time to look for something. (Unfortunately I don't find many good options on discounts here in Norway... and this year's black deals don't look very enticing overall) Main requirement is it shouldn't be bigger/heavier than current one. And of course having something snappier is also natural in line with "upgrading". Her studies/work are related to statistics/data science (using R mostly), so having something that will compile code faster than the current one is good. I've found a deal (-28% off) on Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (GA401QE-HZ055T) , and it seems like a nice machine overall. - CPU is definitely an upgrade - RAM is faster, but same capacity with only 1 slot being being upgradable ( ? ) and the other is soldered, from what I can see. So max mem can go up to 24 ? (16 + 8 soldered? ) Or does it support 32 GB in the non-soldered slot? - same storage (can it be upgraded ?) - better GPU (esp. since it's positioned as a gaming laptop), but this doesn't really matter much. She doesn't play games, and for code compilation this doesn't matter much. - weighs a bit less, which is also a benefit for her Are there any downsides to considering this laptop? I've also never owned Asus. How is their support? What is their software updates lifetime? All in all, is this worth it as an upgrade (with usage time horizon of 3-4 years at least) or should I keep looking for something else? Edit: I'm also now looking at Razer Blade Base 15 (2022) (Core i7 16GB 512GB SSD 144Hz 15.6" RTX 3060). Some specs definitely look better: - both RAM slots are upgradable, for instance - cpu is slightly faster - has a webcam (not a big deal, but still nice to have) But - worse battery life (?) - slightly heavier (although almost same as XPS 15 9550, so shouldn't be a deal-breaker) - and more importantly it's ~30% more expensive ( $1.25k for G14 vs $1.8k for Blade Base 15). So the question here I suppose is whether the price difference really worth it vs the cheaper G14 model. Edit2: I've read a bit about Razer laptops, and have come to a conclusion it's best to stay away from them. Swollen batteries, defective screens, horrible support... thanks, but no thanks. Can't really find any other good options for around 1.5k here where I live. Darn it, why can't there be just good affordable laptops that you don't need to compromise with... Anyways, I'm now also considering getting a newer model of XPS 15 (9510). More expensive than Asus but at least I know what to expect from it.
  2. Price: $650.00 (package deal for CPU, mobo and RAM, see optional add-ons) SOLD Condition: Excellent Warranty: None from Seller Reason for sale: Upgraded Platform Payment: PayPal, Zelle Item location: San Tan Valley, AZ Shipping: Lower 48 US - Negotiable - varies with desired optional items (will discuss with buyer via PM, phone or text) International shipping: Actual cost plus any taxes, duties, VAT, etc. I am unable to estimate these costs. Handling time: Next Business Day Feedback: eBay Profile; OC.net MarketPlace Combo Package Specifications: ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A WiFi Gaming D4 (original box with accessories included) Intel Core i9-12900K (original retail packaging included) - nice bin quality, delidded and lapped Thermalright CPU Frame (replaces ILM to prevent CPU bending - original ILM also included) G. Skill Ripjaws V 16GB Kit DDR4-4000 C15 with aftermarket heat sinks for improved cooling (stable @ 4400 - see screenshots) (Note: original heat sinks and retail packaging included. Stock RAM heat sinks are aesthetic only and worse than no heat sink.) Optional Freebie: EKWB Velocity2 CPU Block (barely used - if buyer is planning a custom loop will be included because I want to reward that behavior) Excellent performance, same as OptimusPC CPU block, but focus on aesthetic. Rear mounting was inconvenient for tinkerer like me. Designed for LGA 1700 specifically. Please be honest. If you are going to air cool or use an AIO I can sell this to someone else. Optional Not Free: Alphacool 360mm "Fat" Crossflow Radiator - $70 XSPC 240mm "Thin" Radiator - $35 Generic 240mm "Fat" Radiators - $25 each (2 available) (The generic 240mm radiators are a round tube design and work as well as most 360mm radiators I have owned.) XSPC X4 170MM Photon Pump/Res Combo - $0 will include with crossflow or both generic 240mm rads (The X4 has not been used for 2+ years. I am not sure if that affects the pump or not, but Performance-PCS sells X4 pumps for $30. XSPC reservoirs are thick glass and much better than the plexi garbage many tube reservoirs are made of.) Radiators will be washed, flushed and dried prior to shipment. They have been used with automotive antifreeze, so they have no corrosion. If you want all of it, $700 + negotiated shipping cost to a US address will buy it all. Here is the obligatory time stamped ownership photo I have two of these...
  3. This is Asus's flagship gaming laptop for 2022 using Intel 12th Gen HX BGA CPU's. https://rog.asus.com/us/laptops/rog-strix/rog-strix-scar-17-se-2022-series/ Notable features: Full sized vapor chamber for CPU and GPU 12950HX with 175W PL2 and 170W PL1 Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti 150W+25W Dynamic Boost Combined 230W CPU+GPU TDP Reduced size 330W power brick (maybe GAN?) with barrel connector 240hz QHD 99% DCIP3 17 inch display Dual DDR5-4800 sodimm slots Dual M.2 PCIe Gen4 slots M.2 2230 slot for Wifi AMI BIOS Features: Disable E-cores P-Core undervolting Set P-Core multipliers Enable overclocking More information to come!
  4. I think we're close! I've started to copy all my files to the storage as I type this but it's not looking good. It started doing something very worrisome all of a sudden. For about 2 days now, every time it comes out of standby, as soon as the display comes on, it shows the whole screen full of random lines (like old computer monitors used to do with bad cables for example). It does this every time and it lasts for a few seconds, seemingly until I move the mouse. I don't know if it would recover by itself every time but so far I instinctively started moving the mouse when I noticed this. For now I didn't want to experiment with it until I save everything but I'm worried. I have to say, I'm not surprised, but I am worried. Asus build quality seems to have gone downhill a lot over the past few years. This was the first ROG laptop I actually had to mess with out of the box just to get it to a usable state (changed thermal paste and lowered clocks just to keep things from throttling under regular gaming load). I'll try to get a video/picture of this happening after I save everything. Btw, nothing changed when it started doing this (no driver updates, it wasn't moved from my desk at all, nothing new installed). I did however get it pretty toasty over the past few weeks daily playing Star Citizen. It's very resource intensive and gets the CPU easily to over 90C all the time. Idle temps are ok... not great but ok:
  5. Hi everyone. I wanted to know if someone has any news regards the zephyrus duo 16. I has been released in france and germany but no word in the US. It's the flagship model of asus amd idk why they could delay the release (i know there's shortage but kinda suspicious that they told us that we are going to recieve the 6900hx and the 6980hx is everywhere in europe...) Any news? I tried to contact them also with resellers like HIDevo and others and they told me that there's no word in the exact release date. And asus is kinda... Silent? Tomorrow there's a event with asus somewhere? Ohh inmade a mistake... Any mod can move this thread to the propper subforum? Im sorry.
  6. Asus has announced a new round of Zenbook creator laptops for 2022. The most interesting features are the high-refresh OLED displays and availability of SDExpress card slots on the 14-inch Duo and 16-inch models. Here's Jarrod's summary:
  7. cucubits


    Does anyone else have this router? I've been using it for a few years now and I have a few annoyances/issues which I haven't ironed out yet. Maybe discussing here we can shed some light... - I'm running the latest Merlin firmware and for some reason when I go to the wireless settings section in the menu, it all goes wonky. No tabs show up and lots of options seem to be missing. Can't even see anymore the separate 2.4/5Ghz setup tabs. - on the initial setup page, there's a "clients" section, which should show all the devices connected currently. This never works, always shows zero. Any ideas? Anyone else seen similar issues?
  8. cucubits


    Placeholder topic until I can save the relevant information and helpful screenshots I've been posting in the similar NBR thread. Will edit along the way. In the mean time, if others from that thread join and have info saved, feel free to reply here. Thanks!
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