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  1. Hello everyone, After a long time from being absent from NotebookReviews I've come to the realisation it is yet another invaluable site that has been taken down, alas, thanks to all the people who backed it up and I'm glad there's alternatives. Now to my question, I have the laptop mentioned above and sadly (after 5 years), I believe the fans are starting to fail. It's not happening all the time but the frequency is picking up, when I start it from cold, the fans start making this the dreaded grinding sound, like unoiled gears. It goes away after a bit, but I would rather like to have it working without a problem (or at least have a backup). Could anyone advise me on where to get the replacements? (Prefferably in UK but EU wouldn't really be a problem either I Think). I've checked up on clevo's official site where I guess I could get them from? But I have no idea what they could be (maybe I should look inside...). Additionally to this I think it's high time to replace the thermal paste so I welcome any suggestions for this as well. Many thanks in advance!
  2. Looking for the best and newest BIOS/EC and drivers for your X170SM-G? Use XMG's fantastic support network and drivers: https://download.schenker-tech.de/package/xmg-ultra-17-idxul17m20/ Excellent post by @Clamibot for modded BIOS information (and Soundblaster issues): Specs: - Matte 17.3" 4K LCD with micro-LED Display 1000 nits (1080p 144hz, 1440p 165hz options) - Up to 125W Intel Core i7 Desktop CPU (200w support) 10900k - Up to 200W RTX 2080 Super - Upgradable MXM Graphics - Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, 3x USB-A + much more - 4 Speakers + 2 subs - 2x 230W Bricks - Large bottom mesh intake - Side vents and thick fans - Side and back RGB lightning @Mr. Fox Original Review:
  3. Hi guys, just returned from holiday and got bad suprise. Booted in Windows and one Sata SSD Drive was not seen anymore the Crucial, just like that. Went in the Bios and was aswell not present anymore. I switched the Drives, took the Crucial out, and put the WD in that slot and the Crucial in the WD slot... Rebooted and now bad suprise again. I see the Crucial but the WD is gone 😪 . Shotdown, reset CMOS but nothing happend..one drive is not there. SO the question is..wth happend? Is the SSD slot dead. just like that out of thin air? or can i repair it somehow. The right slot is the one.
  4. Hey there looking to find a replacement motherboard for my Clevo x8100. Very hard part to find these days specially since we lost notebook review. Any and all help would be great to get this old laptop backup and running. Thanks!
  5. Hello I had purchased my Clevo P775TM-1 with the RTX 2070 from Obsidian in early 2019. It seems they have since gone out of business. I wanted to do some basic maintenance on this laptop such as replace the thermal pads and thermal paste. I do clean the normal dust buildup in the vents every 4-6 months. I know you're supposed to avoid using liquid metal compounds to avoid it spilling out and creating a short. Would the Noctua NH-1 be a good candidate ? What thickness are the thermal pads supposed to be ? I haven't replaced them yet, so I'm worried they might have been compressed and measuring the thickness would yield the wrong size. There is some dust build-up in the speaker grille which doesnt go away when I tried to clean using normal methods such as air can, small vacuum, brushing or wet cloth wipes. Any help appreciated. Any other things I should keep an eye out for when I open it up ? The laptop runs fine, if a bit hotter and noisier. Cheers aayyppxx
  6. hi , ive managed to upgrade my sm3 with first with a 980m 4gb thats worked flawlessly , then i found an eurocom/gecube green 1060 , that worked 2 without any issue, then i found a (i think is a zotac) 1070 black pcb and same layout that the 1060 has. Now if i put the 1070 in the laptop ( both mxm slots tryed) its starts , and gives screen , but after some time its starts beeping and flashing all lock lights the turns off. (We tried different vbios like clevo es , msi different series bios , even alienware vbios 2 , carefully take care of the id-s not to mess up something ). Everythime after we changed the vbios its presented in bios, but still beeps and shut down. Then i put it in a 771zm and same story. For now i dont own any of the laptops and the zotac 1070, im just curios about that is this upgrade is available or its a dead end , and clevo have ec incompatible with zotac cards. The strange thing was that the 1060 was working but the 1070 is not.(litle off : with the 1060 , ive got for a short time an s7100x what ive tried ind the second mxm slot , both drivers was up and running no issues at all.
  7. Hello everyone! Ever since I bought my Clevo 1 year ago I immediately noticed how the Blue lights for whatever reason is much much more dim than Red and Green. Anyone seen something like this? Maybe somebody knows which way I should look for a fix... It's to the point where I would call it non existent. Even in night you can ever so slightly see it. And of course I am now limited in colors because a lot of them don't mix properly anymore in the absence of Blue. Not sure where to start looking for the problem. Also it is not a keyboard issue as I already once had to go through keyboard replacement and as a matter of fact broke the 2nd one aswell... -_- Something with the D key might be wrong with the keyboard batches because while just playing Rocket League most of the time I somehow managed to break D key on both of them in the exact same way, it would slowly start no not register my presses until dying out completely.. Anyways, went off topic a bit. Thanks, Edgars
  8. After seeing that the notebookreview forum sadly died earlier this year.... 😞 I am looking to sell my PC50DN2 with the following specs: 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) 144Hz WVA, 72% NTSC, Matte Intel 10th Gen i7-10875H processor (8C/16T) NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super w/8GB GDDR6 (Max-Q) 2x16GB 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM (32GB total) 1x1TB Crucial MX500 M.2 SSD (new) (space for 2x drives in this model) Single Zone Multi Color backlit Keyboard 1.0M HD Camera, Gamma Secure Pad, Thunderbolt 3, TPM Intel Dual Band Wireless-Wi-Fi 6 AX201 + BT Combo Card 3 cells Polymer Battery 73WH, 180W AC Adapter Was super lightly used and looks/acts like new. I still got the original box and everything adult owned, smoke free/no pets. Comes with a windows 11/10 pro license.
  9. Hi. I hadn't checked nbr for a year or more and when I tried to look up some old info I discovered it was gone. No surprise there. Writing was on the walls for sure. Anyway, a while back found this place and meant to register, but promptly forgot for another long time. Finally remembered to do it. Hope everyone is doing well and thanks to all those involved in archiving the old forums and creating/maintaining this site. Really appreciate it. NBR was a true gem in an internet saturated with doodoo tech talk. You know who you are!
  10. Hy guys need some prices for my Clevo, sadly the mainboard is dead, so i think im going to go the desktop route that i wanted early now. So im thinking to sell the rest of the components, i need some prices for them, in EUR if its ok cus im in EU located. CPU: i9900k die is lapped, delided and with the best IHS for Clevo, the amazing BartX. GPU, RTX 2080 MXM 150W. RAM: HyperX Impact HX429S17IBK2/32 4x16GB Sticks CL17 SSD: 2 x m2 Samsung 970 EVO 1GB 1 x Crucial MX500 1 GB Unified Heatsink for RTX2xxx. Also the dead Barbone with the Mainboard.. I also have the modified Cooler Master Notepal uU2 with 2 Noctua PWM NF 14 5V 1500 rpm with the PWM Noctua controller Thx
  11. Clevo has announced a full fledged 12th gen 15.6" Desktop class CPU Socket 1700 laptop. Clevo model #: 3060: NH55JNPY / NH57JNPS 3070: NH55JNRQ / NH57JNR 3070ti: NH55JNNQ / NH57JNN Clevo links: 3060: https://www.clevo.com.tw/clevo_prodetail.asp?id=1579&lang=en 3070: https://www.clevo.com.tw/clevo_prodetail.asp?id=1575&lang=en 3070ti: https://www.clevo.com.tw/clevo_prodetail.asp?id=1571&lang=en Official Clevo Drivers link (Select specific model from drop down menu): https://www.clevo.com.tw/clevo_down.asp?lang=en 12900KS confirmed to work: Clevo NH5xJNxx Specs: Platform:Intel H670 Chipset; Intel LGA1700 desktop processor up to i9 12900KS (16cores/24threads) GPU Technology:NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (6GB GDDR6) / 3070 Ti (8GB GDDR6) Display Technology: 165Hz; QHD; 2560×1440; Matte; 100% sRGB; BOE NE156QHM-NY1 240Hz; FHD; 1920×1080; Matte; 100% sRGB; SHARP IGZO LQ156M1JW03 Robust Design:Back cover made from Aluminum Alloy; front /top case/bottom case made of resins Cooling:High performance, high quality copper GPU and CPU heatsinks to keep your system running cool. Memory:Two 260-pin SODIMM sockets; DDR4-3200; up to 64GB Storage:up to 24 TB of storage with 3 physical drives: 2x M.2 NVMe SSDs and 1x 2.5in HDD/SSD SATA3 Communications:1GbE LAN and M.2 WLAN + Bluetooth Sound System:SoundBlaster Cinema 6; Stereo Speakers; High Definition Audio Keyboard and Touchpad:Backlit keyboard with 15 colour options; Microsoft Precision Touchpad 2 buttons Loaded with Ports:1x USB-A 2.0; 3x USB 3.2 gen2; 1x USB-C 3.2 Gen2; 1x mini DP 1.4; HDMI 2.0 output; 1x Headphone-out; 1x Mic-in; 1x RJ45 / LAN; 1x microSD card reader; DC-in Operating Systems:Windows 10, Windows 11, Linux Security:Kensington Lock and Embedded TPM 2.0 Encryption Battery:6cells Smart Lithium-Ion; 62WH Weight:2.6kg / 5.7lbs Dimensions:WxDxH: 361x258x32.5mm / 14.44×10.32×1.3in Vendors offering this particular model: PC Specialists: https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/notebooks/destian-intel-15/ Eurocom: https://eurocom.com/ec/configure(2,486,0)RaptorX15 LaptopParts4Less: https://laptopparts4less.frl/15.6inch-laptop-samenstellen/Clevo-NH55JNNQ-laptop-samenstellen/Clevo-NH55JNNQ-RTX-3070-Ti-Intel-game-laptop-samenstellen Clevo-Computer: https://clevo-computer.com/en/laptops-configurator/geforce-rtx-30-series-clevo-laptops/geforce-rtx-3070-3070-ti-laptop-gpu/6495/clevo-nh55jnnq-intel-core-12-gen.-desktop-cpu-nvidia-rtx-3070-ti
  12. I have a problem with my P775TM1. When I turn it on the display stays black and after a few seconds the both fans are working with 100%. The orange LED is blinking and after a while the notebook turns off. I remember that someone wrote in NBR that a sensor from the fan can cause this issue. Is that right or could it be another problem?
  13. Price: sold Condition: is in good condition, only one little mark at the side Warranty: runs out march 2023 Reason for sale: no need anymore Payment: PayPal or Bank Transfer Item location: Europe, Germany Shipping: Yes International shipping: Yes Handling time: 2-3 business days Feedback: I sold many notebooks and parts on eBay. ramn601 Specification: Display: 17,3“ FullHD IPS 300Hz GSync CPU: I9-10900k(10c/20T) GPU: RTX 2070 Super 8GB GSync RAM: 2x16GB Samsung 3200MHz SSD: 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus OS: Windows 11 2x280W AC-Adapter included, Accu in good condition, QWERTY-Keyboard Proof of ownership: Time Stamped pictures
  14. Hello! I just got a Clevo P570 and am looking for a copy of either a eurocom unlocked bios or a prema bios for it, I am assuming that the eurocom unlocked one should work on any other distributer (Sager, XMG, etc.). If anyone has or knows where a copy can be found and would be willing to share, that would be greatly appreciated!
  15. I recently flashed the dsanke BIOS onto my P775TM1-G, and while everything went smooth, I noticed that the fans don't spin up unless I press Fn+1 or use some external software to set the speed (I am also unable to set custom fan curves.) I am thinking this is possibly an EC issue as the official BIOS version as stated in the BIOS is 1.07.xx (can't remember the last digits) while the EC firmware version says 1.05.xx (also can't remember the last digits.) If my assumption is correct, and the reason the fans don't automatically spin up is because the EC firmware is older than the BIOS version, where can I get new or matching EC firmware, and how would I go about flashing it?
  16. So with the help of some engineer friends, I finally did the TM1 heatsink into KM1 mod. I swear the computer is on Nyquil or something cause its QUIET now (idling at 36-40 degrees now). Thank you guys for doing the research that made this happen!
  17. My i9-9900k cpu is delided for a direct die cooling setup using Conductonaute liquid metal, foam barriers and Der8auer OC (9th generation) frame in my Eurocome Sky X7c Clevo chassis laptop, which has a unified RTX 2080 GPU - i9-9900k CPU heatsink. I used a vaccum chamber 3mm thick on top of my cpu die. The thickness of the intel IHS top is 2.30mm after the STIM has been removed. The effective STIM tickness is assumed here to be around the reported 0.2mm since I lost the measurement made before delidding. This means that the original the z-height before deliding was about 2.5mm and therefore using a 3mm tick vaccum chamber increased it by up to 0.5mm. Note that, although the temps are fine after deliding, the GPU VRM temperatures are not known and I am conscerned this results in poor contact with heatsick or would require in places much thicker thermal pads rendering less efficient in hear transfers comparared to original setup. Project: In order to offset this 0.5mm increase in height and to improve both cpu die heat transfer (reduction of silicon top layer) and the contacts tolelerances with the cooling unified system, I am planning on lapping the CPU die using NLap tool by NUDEcnc and checking thichness with micrometer during sanding passes (400-2000 grit). With a cpu die 0.88mm above PCB and a tolerance of 0.1mm of OC frame below below the silicon die, would require that the OC frame base be sanded down by the same amount in order to preserve optimum direct die contact. Question: Roman / Der8auer initially reported temps after sanding/lapping down by 0.2mm but mentioned that the ticker silcon would be sanded down further 0.4 or more. Anyone has tried sanding their cpu die down by 0.4mm or more? Would 0.45-0.50mm be accpetable? Thank you for your inputs.
  18. Has anyone found a good way of providing more manual control over the fans in Clevo laptops? E.g. has anyone managed to set up an NBFC profile for any of them before? https://github.com/hirschmann/nbfc https://github.com/hirschmann/nbfc/wiki/How-to-create-a-NBFC-config I would like to be able to set my fans off / as low as possible for just a short few minute bursts at a time while doing sensitive audio recording. The best way I can find currently is using the Custom fan speed profile in Control Center, though I find it to be a bit buggy (sometimes I cannot get the settings menu for it to close down again) and the highest fan start temperature it allows is 70 °C.
  19. I have a Clevo PA71ES-G laptop that I bought from HIDevolution in 2018 (specs in signature). Since the temps were getting high, I decided to re-paste the laptop and noticed the battery to be somewhat swollen as shown in the pics. I have re-pasted and re-assembled the laptop and am currently using it without plugging in the battery until I could get some advice. I live in India and replacement battery is available (model PA70BAT-4) but I've never heard of any of the websites. Last I repasted was November 2021 and the battery was fine back then. Is it safe to plug-in and use the battery for a while longer or is it done? I always keep the laptop plugged in and while electricity outage is not an issue, this situation has me concerned regardless.
  20. I have a perfectly working and clean Dell latitude 5400 I would like to put up for trade. Here are the specs: 14" 1080p touch i5-8365u 16GB DDR4 256GB SSD Windows 10 Pro AC WiFi 65w AC adapter Looking for P150SM-A/P157SM-A. I have an i7 4980hq I want to put to the test. Im favoring chassis integrity and/or repairability over top end specs but I wouldnt shun decent specs either. Wanting to see if I can best my old Alienware 17 Ranger scores and give a last hoo-rah to DDR3 era laptops.
  21. Hey everyone, I been lurking here for a while but now found myself needing help. I decided to remove all the ribbon cables on the keyboard of my Clevo P960ED to I can shake it and blow compressed air to clean it. Well I turns out I literally can't put back the big ribbon cable! There are two smaller cables and I found for both I can put it inside a slot of space between the tab and port so that it goes in a little and then push down the tab to secure it. I can't seem to do that all for the big cable though, see attached picture. No matter what I seem to do I can't put it inside a slot or push the tab down, the cable always end up loose when I release my finger. I ended up breaking off a tiny bit of plastic from the tab but I don't think that made any difference yet. Any advice to put back the ribbon cable to the slot? And yeah I'll be sure to never take it out again!
  22. Reddit is a bit slow these days, notebookreview is gone... Hope you guys can help me ou! My Clevo P650HS-G (i7 7700HQ, GTX1070-Ti) has the option to add a 3G LTE m.2 module. Everything is already pre-installed so it is just a matter of adding a module. If I would insert a 4G or 5G module would that also be compatible with my laptop or would this cause problems with i.e. the antennas? When searching for a 3G/4G module, I noticed that a lot of them are advertised as "only compatible with [Dell, Asus etc.]", is there a compatibility list for WWAN modules for Clevo laptops? Can't find it in the user/service manual, Clevo website is ofc not helpful either... Thanks! ---Update--- Forget the whitelist... The correct module is: LTE/HSDPA+ 4G Huawei ME936, other modules may not work as they cannot be connected with the antennas!
  23. Hello, I have an old Clevo W870CU lying around here for some time now which I got pretty cheap due to a faulty CPU vcore capacitor. I now got my hands on an Alienware M18X r2 with two GTX680M's that I wanna reuse as I upgraded this old boy to a single 980M. I installed the GPU and got the BIOS splash screen and the notebook even booted into Windows. After several seconds I noticed that the indicator lights started to blink while the GPU fan was ramping up to full speed. A few seconds later the notebook shut itself down without warning. I then went into the BIOS and saw that the GPU was recognized as "GPU UNKNOWN". Now my assumption is that the vBios is incompatible and that I need to flash another one(like how it is with MXM in general). Has anyone ever done this upgrade on that notebook and has some experience to share how to get this thing working? GPU Is the Dell GTX680M 2GB
  24. Hello, Im looking for a GPU heatsink for my P570 to get it up and running. Since the only place I can find them is Eurocom and I doubt they still have any.
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