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Found 4 results

  1. Announced: April 19, 2022 Release date (RTO): July 7, 2022 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs NVIDIA Ampere refresh GPUs, up to RTX A5500 GeForce RTX 3080 Ti option also available (through sales rep only in most territories) Up to 128 GB DDR5 non-ECC memory (via CAMM module), or 64 GB DDR5 ECC or non-ECC (via SODIMM) All NVMe slots support PCIe4 Full driver support for Windows 10 & Windows 11 Spec sheet: Precision 7670 • Precision 7770 Driver RSS feeds: Precision 7670 • Precision 7770 Pre-release thread (NBT) Pre-release thread (NBR) ———————————————————————— Opportunities for performance improvement Here, I am collecting some information from the first several pages of this thread to hopefully make it easier to find in one spot. If you received a Precision 7770 with the heatsink that contains Delta fans, have Dell replace the heatsink and hopefully you get the one with Sunon fans, which performs better. (Unfortunately, you must remove the heatsink to check and see which fans you have.) See this post by @MyPC8MyBrain for suggestions for reinstalling the heatsink. The Delta fan heatsink will thermal throttle out of the box. Repasting can eliminate the thermal throttle, so that you can use ThrottleStop to raise PL2 and increase performance of the CPU. Perhaps the biggest CPU performance gain that can be had is by fixing the IA AC/DC loadline values, which are set incorrectly on this system. Visit this guide and look at steps 5-7 for directions on how to get to an environment where you can edit some EFI variables. These commands will correct the IA AC/DC loadline values (thanks @win32asmguy). I got a ≈20% boost in the 10-minute Cinebench score from fixing these... setup_var CpuSetup 0x132 0xAA # set IA AC LoadLine LSB to 170 (1.7mOhms) setup_var CpuSetup 0x133 0x0 # set IA AC LoadLine MSB to 0 And these commands will enable overclocking/undervolting, if you wish to mess with that: setup_var CpuSetup 0x10E 0x0 # Overclocking Unlock setup_var CpuSetup 0x43 0x0 # CFG Unlock Additional tuning with ThrottleStop (undervolting, etc.) can further improve performance. @MyPC8MyBrain has some settings in this post.
  2. Information in this opening post is kept up to date with the latest developments. Alder Lake HX CPUs ("Intel 7" process / 55W base TDP / up to 8P+8E) NVIDIA Ampere refresh workstation GPUs (RTX A5500 at the top; GA103S chip with 7,424 CUDA cores; 16GB vRAM; similar performance to GeForce 3080 Ti mobile version) DDR5 support — up to 128GB (non-ECC) via CAMM, or up to 64GB (ECC or non-ECC) via SODIMM PCIe4 support in all NVMe slots Four NVMe slots in Precision 7770; three in Precision 7670 performance chassis; two in Precision 7670 thin chassis Chassis refresh 7670: 16" 16:10 7770: 17" 16:9 Release date (available to order): July 7, 2022 (now available) CPUs: 4P+8E: Core i5-12600HX 8P+8E: Core i7-12800HX, i7-12850HX, i9-12900HX, i9-12950HX No Xeon CPUs. Select Core CPUs support ECC memory. Note as of 2022-05-18: 12800HX and 12900HX might be pulled from the lineup. 2022-05-27: 12800HX and 12900HX have been removed from the spec sheet. GPUs: NVIDIA Ampere refresh workstation GPUs (see table below), NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, Intel Arc A770M (later) Full list of Precision systems confirmed for this generation: Dell Precision 3470 • Announced 2022-03-31 • Available to order 2022-05-19 • Spec sheet • Support Dell Precision 3570 • Announced 2022-03-31 • Available to order 2022-04-19 • Spec sheet • Support Dell Precision 3571 • Announced 2022-03-31 • Available to order 2022-04-19 • Spec sheet • Support Dell Precision 5470 • Announced 2022-03-31 • Available to order 2022-04-19 • Spec sheet • Support Dell Precision 5570 • Announced 2022-03-31 • Available to order 2022-04-19 • Spec sheet • Support Dell Precision 5770 • Announced 2022-03-31 • Available to order 2022-04-19 • Spec sheet • Support Dell Precision 7670 • Announced 2022-04-26 • Available to order 2022-07-07 • Spec sheet • Support Dell Precision 7770 • Announced 2022-04-26 • Available to order 2022-07-07 • Spec sheet • Support See also: Legacy NBR 7X70 pre-release discussion thread
  3. I'm a believer in letting information flow to you, and not having to go and seek it out. In light of this... I'm scraping the Dell support/driver pages and using it to create an RSS feed. If you use a feed reader and one of these systems, you can use the feed to be informed of when new drivers drop. The feeds also include BIOS updates and some Dell software application updates. Right now I'm only grabbing drivers for Windows 10 and 11 (no Linux or older versions of Windows). If there are any other systems that you'd like to see a feed for, let me know and I will add it to the list. Dell Precision 12th gen / Alder Lake (2022) Precision 7770 • Precision 7670 11th gen / Tiger Lake (2021) Precision 7760 • Precision 7560 10th gen / Comet Lake (2020) Precision 7750 • Precision 7550 9th gen / Coffee Lake refresh (2019) Precision 7740 • Precision 7540 8th gen / Coffee Lake (2018) Precision 7730 • Precision 7530 7th gen / Kaby Lake (2017) Precision 7720 • Precision 7520 6th gen / Skylake (2015) Precision 7710 • Precision 7510 4th gen / Haswell (2013) Precision M6800 • Precision M4800 3rd gen / Ivy Bridge (2012) Precision M6700 • Precision M4700 2nd gen / Sandy Bridge (2011) Precision M6600 • Precision M4600
  4. If you come across any particularly interesting posts with technical details, part numbers, fixes, or how-tos, let me know and I will include them on this list. Many of these link back to the Notebook Review forum, which is going offline on January 31. I will change the links to point to the NBR Precision archive once I have it ready. Upcoming systems: Precision 7670 & Precision 7770 CPU — Intel Alder Lake HX (12th gen) – Intel 7 process, hybrid architecture, 8P + 8E cores, bump up to 55W TDP GPU — NVIDIA Ampere refresh – RTX A5500 with GA103S chip; 7,424 CUDA cores; 16GB vRAM; similar performance to GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Laptop GPU DDR5 (up to 128GB) PCIe4 support — Alder Lake S-BGA supports 36 lanes of PCIe4 (20 at CPU and 16 at PCH), so all NVMe slots in the system should be PCIe4 enabled Expected to be available to order in mid/late second quarter 2022; could be earlier, primarily depends on release timing of Alder Lake HX CPUs, which is currently unclear Pre-release discussion thread Driver / BIOS RSS feeds See: Dell driver RSS feeds General Windows tips for newer Precision systems Dell Precision / Windows 11 information Switching from RAID to AHCI/NVMe mode (same process can be used to return to RAID mode) Switching from AHCI/NVMe mode to RAID mode, if the Windows instance has never seen RAID mode before (...specific to 7X60, will need to be tweaked for other systems) Remapping keys to get dedicated Home/End, PgUp/PgDn Bluetooth fix Precision 7560 & Precision 7760 You can order Precision 7X60 with GeForce RTX 3080 GPU (might support 110W in Precision 7560?) (part numbers) Solving "disappearing drive issue" by keeping the PCIe4 drive slot switch pressed down Display panel and cable part numbers Precision thermals & performance Great interview with Dell thermal engineer Travis North, six parts: one | two | three | four | five | six Notes on disabling the CPU power/throttle limit in modern Precision systems: one | two Notes on undervolting CPU in modern Precision systems Discussion on undervolting GPU in modern Precision systems Insights on Precision allocation of PCIe lanes Explanation of (lack of) performance difference between NVIDIA 4000- and 5000-level GPUs Use 17" GPU vBIOS on 15"/16" GPU to raise the power limit Precision 7560 + NVIDIA RTX A4000 (110W -> 130W) GPU upgrades DGFF upgrades in Precision 7X30, 7X40 Notes on modding NVIDIA INF file Notes on signing a modded NVIDIA driver, so that "test mode" or "disable driver signature enforcement" is not needed Working Quadro P3000 / P4000 / P5000 vBIOS images for Precision M6700, M6800 Dell Precision M6800 / Quadro P5000 vBIOS flash Dell Precision M4800 + Quadro T2000 upgrade Dell Precision M6700 – Quadro M5000M (worked great for me), Quadro P5000 (not so much) Other upgrades Precision M6600-M6800 / M4600-M4800 – different fan types (Sunon, AVC, Delta) Using M.2/NGFF cards in Precision M6700 Precision M6700 45W CPU heatsink replacement Precision M6600 / M6700 IPS display upgrade guide
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