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  1. OK, first off I'm not filling out a template because for now the question isn't about "What laptop to buy", but rather "Is this a good laptop to replace the old one". So, I'm looking for a new laptop for my lady, and she currently uses Dell XPS 15 9550 (i7, 16 RAM , 512 storage, 4k display). She's been asking for a lighter replacement, and it's black deals now, so seems like a good time to look for something. (Unfortunately I don't find many good options on discounts here in Norway... and this year's black deals don't look very enticing overall) Main requirement is it shouldn't be bigger/heavier than current one. And of course having something snappier is also natural in line with "upgrading". Her studies/work are related to statistics/data science (using R mostly), so having something that will compile code faster than the current one is good. I've found a deal (-28% off) on Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (GA401QE-HZ055T) , and it seems like a nice machine overall. - CPU is definitely an upgrade - RAM is faster, but same capacity with only 1 slot being being upgradable ( ? ) and the other is soldered, from what I can see. So max mem can go up to 24 ? (16 + 8 soldered? ) Or does it support 32 GB in the non-soldered slot? - same storage (can it be upgraded ?) - better GPU (esp. since it's positioned as a gaming laptop), but this doesn't really matter much. She doesn't play games, and for code compilation this doesn't matter much. - weighs a bit less, which is also a benefit for her Are there any downsides to considering this laptop? I've also never owned Asus. How is their support? What is their software updates lifetime? All in all, is this worth it as an upgrade (with usage time horizon of 3-4 years at least) or should I keep looking for something else? Edit: I'm also now looking at Razer Blade Base 15 (2022) (Core i7 16GB 512GB SSD 144Hz 15.6" RTX 3060). Some specs definitely look better: - both RAM slots are upgradable, for instance - cpu is slightly faster - has a webcam (not a big deal, but still nice to have) But - worse battery life (?) - slightly heavier (although almost same as XPS 15 9550, so shouldn't be a deal-breaker) - and more importantly it's ~30% more expensive ( $1.25k for G14 vs $1.8k for Blade Base 15). So the question here I suppose is whether the price difference really worth it vs the cheaper G14 model. Edit2: I've read a bit about Razer laptops, and have come to a conclusion it's best to stay away from them. Swollen batteries, defective screens, horrible support... thanks, but no thanks. Can't really find any other good options for around 1.5k here where I live. Darn it, why can't there be just good affordable laptops that you don't need to compromise with... Anyways, I'm now also considering getting a newer model of XPS 15 (9510). More expensive than Asus but at least I know what to expect from it.
  2. One of the posts that went down with the ship when NBR died that I needed today after picking up a cheap XPS 9510 from Best Buy, so I figured I'd repost it here. Dell's lack of undervolting on their recent XPS systems is super annoying but thankfully on their 10th/11th Gen stuff there is a way around it. I've tested this on my 9500, 9700, and 9510 and it worked like a champ. It does NOT work on some 11th Gen (such as my wife's 9310 2-in-1 i5-1135G7). It does work on the Precision variants such as the 5560 (same as the 9510) and 5760 (same as the 9710). This quick tutorial is something you use at your own risk. Neither myself or NBT is responsible if you mess something up, it doesn't work for you, or anything else happens. I cannot take full credit for this, I found this page which helped me tremendously. It has been suggested that these variables can change with different bioses, and that's possible. It's also possible that Dell with enable undervolting on their own, but not likely. Having said that these flags have been tested and are working on: Dell XPS 9700 Bioses: 1.04, 1.06, 1.32, 1.5.0, 1.6.3, 1.8.2, 1.9.2, 1.12.0 Dell XPS 9500 Bioses: 1.4.0, 1.6.1, 1.7.1, 1.8.1, 1.9.1, 1.12.0 Dell XPS 9510 Bioses: 1.5.1, 1.9.0, 1.12.0 Dell XPS 9710 Bioses: 1.4.1, 1.9.1 If you don't have one of the bioses above or you want to upgrade your bios and it hasn't been tested please view the guide found here. Click the spoiler below for the common basic steps required to enable undervolting. Click the spoiler below to learn how to enable undervolting on your XPS 9500/9700 & Precision 5550/5750. Click the spoiler below to learn how to enable undervolting on your XPS 9510/9710 & Precision 5560/5760. Click the spoiler below to learn how to enable undervolting on your XPS 9520/9720 & Precision 5570/5770. - Thanks to @TwistedAndy Other notes: If you're running windows 11 you must disable virtualization features in the bios to get TS to work.
  3. Price: $225.00 Condition: Excellent Warranty: None Reason for sale: No longer needed Payment: PayPal or Zelle Item location: San Tan Valley, AZ Shipping: Economy USPS or UPS Ground Included (lower 48 states only) will be included with an asking price sale International shipping: Maybe. Depends on the buyer and their reputation in this community. Will definitely consider it, but all associated costs with international shipping, import duties, VAT, etc. will be paid by purchaser Handling time: Next Business Day Feedback: eBay Profile; OC.net MarketPlace Specification: This was my wife's laptop. She babied it and it is borderline immaculate. It has minimum evidence of normal use. I gave her my Eluktronics Mech 15 as an upgrade and this never gets used. No nasty scratches, dents or cracks... really gorgeous machine. It has a metal chassis and it is built like a tank, but still thin and light by a sane person's standards. Intel i5 CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M GPU. 16GB of RAM, 500GB OS SSD and 750GB DATA drive, slot loading DVD-RW, Bluetooth, Wireless AC, backlit keyboard and 1920x1080 Gorilla Glass display. Battery is good, takes a full charge. Comes with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, Microsoft Office Pro LTSC 2021 and Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime license.
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a few items : - Dead MXM card - I want to trade my RTX 3000 for Dell Precision 7550, 7750, 7560 or 7760 for an RTX A3000 or A4000, mainly for the undervolting capability - A Quadro RTX A3000, A4000 or A5000 for Dell Precision 7550, 7750, 7560 or 7760 - Dead Graphics card like Quadro P3000/3200/4000/4200/5000/5200 or similar GTX cards like 1060/1070 using a standard MXM form factor only (Dell, MSI, HP, Aetina) - A graphics card for my Precision 7550 which can be found on Precision 7550/7750/7560/7760, preferably dead to lower cost.
  5. Hi, I want a price estimate (Europe) for theses : - Alienware M17x R4, I7 2670QM, 8GB, no dGPU, so SSD, 1080p TN LVDS, decent battery + working motherboard and another display (1600x900 with no glass, wanted to fit a nice eDP display) + eDP cable - Dell Precision 7710, I7 6820HQ, 24GB 2400MHz, Quadro M3000M 4GB, 1TB Samsung 980, 1TB HDD, IPS 1080p, mid life battery - Dell Precision 7720, I7 7700HQ, 32GB 2666MHz, Quadro P3000 6GB, 1TB Samsung 980, 1TB+120GB SSHD, IPS 4k, new battery
  6. I'm having some issues with my currently-main system and need some help figuring out what else I can do before I need to take it to service (since the warranty expired, unfortunately), and service is probably my last resort since it costs a ton here in Norway. Background: On Sunday, 12th, I've left my laptop copying some stuff to NAS while I went out for a few hours. After coming back home I discovered that the laptop got a bit "slow", so I've decided to reboot. The boot took much longer than it usually does, and ubuntu was throwing a bunch of "usb device descriptor read" errors in what seemed like a loop, but it did boot eventually. I tried to reboot again, and again got the same issues during boot. After booting up it seems to be working just fine though. I've also discovered that both the grub menu and the custom boot menu (F12) got very slow, and I actually need to wait between I press <arrow down/up> and see the changes in the menu. What I've done so far: - run diagnostics several times - no errors found (the diagnostics tool is also very laggy) - update bios (from 1.19.0 to 1.24.0) - reset bios to defaults (at this point I discovered bios is also extremely slow in responding to things, I can barely move around in BIOS) - reset internal clock (via pressing power for ~30sec) - remove ubuntu and grub, I now only have windows... The strange thing is - it seems that all the lag happens only in pre-boot. I'm now booted to windows and the performance is fine as far as I can tell. Before the issue appeared, the only change I can think of is installing the next linux kernel update (a patch version). But I don't really see how that could have affected anything, especially since now I don't even have ubuntu installed anymore. What else can I do to try to fix this issue? How else can I "debug" if it's a hardware issue? Any other advice? Thanks all in advance.
  7. Hello, I finally decided to replace my current workstation with a Precision 7560. It's due to arrive sometime in February. Since I could only order it with a 500Gb SSD, I was wondering what's considered a reliable 2Tb option nowadays? I had great experience with hundreds of Crucial 2.5" MX SSDs but I'm willing to see what you, as owners, have installed in your workstations. Thank you.
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