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Found 3 results

  1. I'm attempting to install a gtx 980m into my m17x r4. I have an unlocked a15 bios booting into pure UEFI, but the "Discrete Graphics" still says "Not Detected". I haven't really messed with any bios settings other than changing to pure UEFI. Is there some explanation for why the gpu wouldn't be detected at all, other than a dead card?
  2. GTX 980M MXM Card GTX 970M MXM Card What are fair prices for these in today's market?
  3. Hello guys, I have some questions regarding the GeForce GTX 980M. I'm using this card for 2 almost two years now and it's still impressive how much power this card has, especially if you think about the age. I was first using this card in my M17x R4 until I got a M18x R2 for an outstandingly cheap price. I upgraded the M18x with the 980m from the M17x and everything worked fine. As the cooling is better than the 17 I flashed an unlocked vBios(svl7's bios) to get the full potential out of this card. This was working fine for the last two weeks until yesterday. I played GTA V for two hours. Temperature was fine and the card pulled around 110-120w. Then suddenly the screen went black and the overcurrent protection of the PSU(330W Dell/Delta) took place. After a few minutes of measuring I found the GPU, specifically one of the MOSFETs to be the culprit. I replaced the MOSFET with one I found on a K2100M I had lying around(it's the same part, CSD87350D). The card works perfectly fine again and beside the MOSFET luckily noting else was damaged. Long story short: How much can the power stage withstand with three MOSFETs and does it make sense to add the other three "missing" ones? And how much current can the MXM port of the M18x R2 deliver without being damaged?
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