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Found 4 results

  1. Not sure how global this launch will be, but Intel is launching the A770 in the U.S. on October 12th for $330: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-arc-a770-launching-oct-12-starting-at-dollar329 So who's gonna buy one and see how it does? I'll admit I'll probably buy a Radeon instead, seems risky from a drivers standpoint to buy Arc Alchemist this generation. But I'll be curious to read the reviews. Who knows, maybe in a few years I'll be running a system with an AMD CPU and an Intel GPU instead of Intel CPU+AMD GPU as I run today...
  2. I've had a pretty unstable wifi lately, I don't own the router and I don't have access to it but it goes out all the time which makes no sense, my phone gets just fine full bars and I actually end up using it with pdanet usb tether but I don't have a ton of data in may plan only 10gb which doesn't last with videos etc so I'm stuck with this for now. =========== The main problem is that just randomly my intel ax201 160mhz will just drop the signal and it doesn't see other signals either, usually troubleshoot reset fixes it but I'm wondering if there are some settings in the wifi advanced tab I can tweak. Specifically I noticed the second setting down the list shown, I tried both n and ac and it just cut out detecting no signals I'm not sure what the router is I had the model here somewhere but can't find it. Would that be a helper with this if I got the right config? Any advice on the other settings or just major helper ones with the signal?
  3. Hi, I'm looking into buying a M17 R1 (not M17x) with a QX9300 and a HD3870 (or two, it's unclear). I was wondering what was the best GPU working, is there any trouble with recent card and their vbios ? my goal is something like a GTX980M or maybe a Pascal card... Can I fit this laptop an RGB display (which should use eDP to LVDS iirc) ? Is there an eDP connector or solder pad present on the board ? Thanks you all 😉
  4. Greetings fellow members, I'm Hackness from NBR, as NBR is closing, I have decided to migrate the posts I've written from NBR to here. If you are looking for full control in Windows over the C-state and the multiplier in the Turbo boost mode and also to let the Speedshift run correctly, then this guide is for you. Firstly, you'll need to download ThrottleStop to perform the steps in this guide. Secondly, you need to unlock your BIOS, if you are coming from other brands, you may need to look for a way to unlock it. These are the items you need to have access to in your BIOS: Intel (R) Speed Shift Technology Software Guard Extension (SGX) CPU Flex Ratio Override CPU Flex Ratio Settings CFG Lock in the View/Configure CPU Lock Option page. //////////////////////////////////WARNING!////////////////////////////////// For MSI users, it’ll be much easier and safer, there’s a key combination to unlock the BIOS. Please use this key combination with extra care and at your own risk, some of the settings inside can get your laptop bricked. So if you don't have anyway to perform full CMOS reset, just don't touch anything you don't know, and most importantly, never touch anything related to "Internal graphic" "SG" "Muxless" "Undervolt" "Primary Display""Output Policy", if you go too far undervolting in the BIOS and caused the CPU to crash upon powered on and you don't have anyway to perform full CMOS clear, SPI programming or RMA is your only option. So if any of those happen, it is a brick for sure!! The combination is: Once you are in the BIOS, Hold Left Alt + Right Ctrl + Right Shift and then press F2. I'm not responsible to any bricking or anything that caused damage to your laptop, use this guide at your own risk! Edited on 2019/06/20: @xLima has found a way to perform full reset for the GS65 2019 model, I believe it works the same way for the GS65 2018 model, go to here for more Info: //////////////////////////////////WARNING!////////////////////////////////// ====Chapter 1: The ability to set the C-state in Windows==== ====Chapter2: Unlock the minimum multiplier down to 8 in the Turbo Ratio Limits==== ====Chapter 3: Enable Core Parking==== ====Chapter 4: Make the way the Speed Shift to work as it should be ==== ====Chapter 5: Disable Software Guard Extension (SGX)==== ====Chapter 6: Limiting the number of cores allowed to activate during Battery mode==== ====Chapter 7: Overclocking the RAM==== ====Chapter 8: Possible fix for C-state not going above C3==== ====Chapter 9: Possible fix for frequency dipping below max in game when SST is set to 0====
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