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Found 10 results

  1. Updated links will always be in my signature! Made By: solidus1983 (hacktrix2006) and djlenior Status: Final Release Repack: Yes CodeName: Zeus Downgrade/Update: Update Disclaimer: This Driver Modification is for MSI Systems listed below! Myself nor NotebookTalk or any other members of the project will not be held liable for any damage caused if this is installed on your system or other branded systems! Due to this being a Modified Driver, support will not be given via Nahimic (SteelSeries) or MSI if your having issues please post in the thread! Please note all releases will come with VirusTotal reports so you can decide if to install the modified drivers or not based on the Results, Although the dedicated server used to create these files is VirusFree! VirusTool can pick up on false positives, but to be fully open to the community reports will now always be included. Installer: Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe (ONLINE!) Package includes: Realtek UAD Nahimic UWP Nahimic SWC (APO3) Nahimic SWC (APO4) Nahimic Extension (APO3) Nahimic Extension (APO4) Nahimic Mirroring Driver Realtek Audio Console UWP Installer: SHA-1: 690ee9c326b09befd04fd9869bfae2881da80211 Size: 122361521 bytes (116 MiB) Virus Total: Results For Windows 10 Build: 1909/20H1/20H2/21H1 For Windows 11 Builds (But may be issues) Change Log: Supported Systems with this driver pack: Alpha Series: Bravo Series: GE Series: GF Series: GL Series: GP Series: GS Series: GT Series: GV Series: ***Don't panic if the new Laptops/Systems are not in the list they will be supported they are more likely supported, install the drivers and if it works let me know your Model Number and it will get added to the list.*** Install instructions: Disconnect from the internet. (Not Required, so very Optional) Reboot System and Enter BIOS/UEFI. Please DISABLE SECUREBOOT in your BIOS this is now important for this new installer! Once you have booted back into the OS Temporarily disable AV software (Some Anti-Virus tools might false report and delete the file!). Now run the Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe Installer Select either Full Install, Install Without Nahimic, Full Uninstall or Downgrade Nahimic 3. Sit back and relax as the UWP's get uninstalled, the driver gets uninstalled and then your system is rebooted into test signing mode and everything is installed and your system is rebooted again! Now head back into your BIOS/UEFI and Re-enable SecureBoot!! Now let the system boot up fully and re-enable the internet connection. (Only if you disconnected from the internet) ***[IMPORTANT]**** As i no longer have a MSI Laptop can users please report any and all issues to this forum thread so i can rectify them quickly. Known possible bugs and fixes: Issue: Two Nahimic Mirroring device show up in Device Manager: Solution: run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe and select Uninstall first before using Full Install. Issue: Nahimic 3 updated via Windows 10 Store and no longer works. Solution: Head into Windows 10's Store and Select the 3 Dots, followed by Settings and turn of Windows Store's Auto Application Updates, then run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe and select Downgrade Nahimic. Issue: Ran Nahimic 3 Downgrade option however Nahimic 3 UWP effects are not working or its reporting the device is not upto date. Solution: Simply run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe select Uninstall and then after its completed the Uninstall re-run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe and select Full Install APO3 or APO4. Issue: Jack Detection not working. Solution: Simply go to Realtek Audio Console Disable and Re-enable it. Issue: Microphone not working after using Nahimic Optimizer. Solution: Click Reset inside Nahimic Settings section will fix this. Issue: Microsoft Overwritten the installed modded driver. Solution: Head to Settings → System → About, Now click System info then Select Advance System Settings → Hardware Tab → Driver Installation Settings, now select NO! save and reboot the system. Then run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe and select Full Uninstall, after it has rebooted your system re-run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe and select Full Install. Issue: Nahimic 3 reports its device is not compatible basically not working. Solution: Run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe and select Full Uninstall, after it has rebooted your system re-run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe and select Full Install APO3 or APO4. Issue: Sound has become muffled/suppressed/distorted. Solution: Run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe and select Full Uninstall, after it has rebooted your system re-run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe and select Full Install APO3 or APO4. Issue: I don't want the Nahimic 3 Bloatware! Solution: Run Realtek_UAD_6.0.1.9279.1_MSI_Nahimic_UWP_mod.exe and select Install Without Nahimic ***[IMPORTANT]**** I would like to thank the following people for whom have helped. I like to personally thank the following users. Project Programmers: Installer Testers: Driver Suppiler: Original Thanks:

    MSI GT77

    The gt76 is getting a successor. Called the gt77. Here's the thing though, its a 12th gen HX cpu not a 12th gen Desktop K cpu. It also seems to be thinner than the gt76. 23mm compared to 46mm like the gt76 So yeah it looks like mxm and most likely socketable cpu laptops might be close to it's death. Apparently it's specs: Msi Titan GT77 (Core I9 12th Gen) - Price And Full Specs - Laptop6 Source: MSI confirms TITAN GT77 gaming laptop will feature Intel Alder Lake-HX CPU - VideoCardz.com https://www.msi.com/news/detail/MSI-Unveil-Its-New-Lineup-at-COMPUTEX-2022-Online140228
  3. This is a thread for all things related to the MSI CreatorPro X17 - A12U Official Website Page: https://www.msi.com/Content-Creation/CreatorPro-X17-A12UX/Overview Specifications: https://www.msi.com/Content-Creation/CreatorPro-X17-A12UX/Specification
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a few items : - Dead MXM card - I want to trade my RTX 3000 for Dell Precision 7550, 7750, 7560 or 7760 for an RTX A3000 or A4000, mainly for the undervolting capability - A Quadro RTX A3000, A4000 or A5000 for Dell Precision 7550, 7750, 7560 or 7760 - Dead Graphics card like Quadro P3000/3200/4000/4200/5000/5200 or similar GTX cards like 1060/1070 using a standard MXM form factor only (Dell, MSI, HP, Aetina) - A graphics card for my Precision 7550 which can be found on Precision 7550/7750/7560/7760, preferably dead to lower cost.
  5. I was able to buy a GT75 for $750 with i7-8850H , 32GB Ram , 500 m.2 and GTX 1080. During shipment ( USPS ) the laptop suffer major damaged to the LCD,mid frame and palm rest .. the rest was minor. The important thing was , the motherboard was not damaged. So me and the seller worked out a deal and both party was happy. The seller decided to do a partial refund of $300 , and I was satisfied. So in the the purchased end up being $450. And since I had spare parts of the GT75 laying around, I am deciding to rebuild it. I also have a 18.4 4K LCD that I have been holding on to for quit a while. I will use the 18.4 LCD instead of a 17". So I hope it comes out fine. I will start on this build today and I'll post some pictures when I get off work. Edited 07/24/22 : Installed the LCD using the same MSI 40 pin cable and mounting the LCD in the Alienware 18 housing. Next step ? Pictures:
  6. I want a price check for the following parts for a MSI GT75 GTX 1080 with Heatsink Power Module Keyboard Set: Per Key RGB Mechanical Keyboard RGB Touch Pad and PCB Module
  7. Hey guys, my video card (1070) hit the bricks not too long ago. I want to replace it with another. I found one that looks identical. Only real difference is the version is 1.2 vs my 1.0 not sure if that makes a difference? On the die mine says 1687A1. GPU I found says 1709A1. Any hrlp would be appreciated.
  8. As far as I can tell, it appears to be one of the few 14in laptops that have a u series 10th gen Intel CPU + MX350 graphics + replaceable RAM/storage/WiFi card, however I have no way to confirm any of this since so little information exists about it out in the wild. I'm wondering if anyone can find more information about it.
  9. I've finally joined! I'll be uploading Clevo/MSI Bios's in a matter of hours. Other mods and such will be posted by the end of this week. Sorry it's taken this long, my hard drive conveniently died after making a comprehensive backup of everything I posted on NBR!
  10. Greetings fellow members, I'm Hackness from NBR, as NBR is closing, I have decided to migrate the posts I've written from NBR to here. If you are looking for full control in Windows over the C-state and the multiplier in the Turbo boost mode and also to let the Speedshift run correctly, then this guide is for you. Firstly, you'll need to download ThrottleStop to perform the steps in this guide. Secondly, you need to unlock your BIOS, if you are coming from other brands, you may need to look for a way to unlock it. These are the items you need to have access to in your BIOS: Intel (R) Speed Shift Technology Software Guard Extension (SGX) CPU Flex Ratio Override CPU Flex Ratio Settings CFG Lock in the View/Configure CPU Lock Option page. //////////////////////////////////WARNING!////////////////////////////////// For MSI users, it’ll be much easier and safer, there’s a key combination to unlock the BIOS. Please use this key combination with extra care and at your own risk, some of the settings inside can get your laptop bricked. So if you don't have anyway to perform full CMOS reset, just don't touch anything you don't know, and most importantly, never touch anything related to "Internal graphic" "SG" "Muxless" "Undervolt" "Primary Display""Output Policy", if you go too far undervolting in the BIOS and caused the CPU to crash upon powered on and you don't have anyway to perform full CMOS clear, SPI programming or RMA is your only option. So if any of those happen, it is a brick for sure!! The combination is: Once you are in the BIOS, Hold Left Alt + Right Ctrl + Right Shift and then press F2. I'm not responsible to any bricking or anything that caused damage to your laptop, use this guide at your own risk! Edited on 2019/06/20: @xLima has found a way to perform full reset for the GS65 2019 model, I believe it works the same way for the GS65 2018 model, go to here for more Info: //////////////////////////////////WARNING!////////////////////////////////// ====Chapter 1: The ability to set the C-state in Windows==== ====Chapter2: Unlock the minimum multiplier down to 8 in the Turbo Ratio Limits==== ====Chapter 3: Enable Core Parking==== ====Chapter 4: Make the way the Speed Shift to work as it should be ==== ====Chapter 5: Disable Software Guard Extension (SGX)==== ====Chapter 6: Limiting the number of cores allowed to activate during Battery mode==== ====Chapter 7: Overclocking the RAM==== ====Chapter 8: Possible fix for C-state not going above C3==== ====Chapter 9: Possible fix for frequency dipping below max in game when SST is set to 0====
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