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  1. Hi, I just came on this thread and found out that there seems to be a some "OC" vbios for the Quadro P4000 and maybe P3000 mobile version : https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/imac-2011-maxwell-and-pascal-gpu-upgrade.2300989/ Don't try to contact them, looks like they are a bit higher up in their mind and doesn't want to deal with "non mac user" hahaha. That said, I didn't tried them, your luck may vary, it might not work on normal laptop, I'm currently investigating how it's modded and might be able to replicate it. Here is a preview of what's this modded vbios is capable on the P4000 : Comparing to it's stock graphics score of about 3900~4000, this is a 20% performance uplift that's above a 1060 level of performance. P3000 + P4000 modded overclocked vbios.zip
  2. I have an MS-16L1 machine and about six months ago I replaced it with an HP P5200 C version graphics card. Although it works after flashing in the P5200 Vbios for the DGFF slot from DELL, it causes the miniDP port on the back to fail. I have tested many vbios so far, for example DELL's 86.04.8a.00.47, 86.04.a2.00.31, 86.04.8a.00.64. All three vbios have a default power consumption of 110W and a base frequency of 1316MHz and an boost frequency of 1569MHz. msi's two models 86.04.8B.00.7A and 86.04.8B.00.25. 160W default power consumption, 1582MHz base core clock frequency, 1759MHz boost frequency HP Z VR Backpack G1 Workstation Default power consumption 150W Base clock frequency 1557MHz boost frequency 1747MHz The original vbios for the HP P5200 are and 86.04.a2.00.23, with a default power consumption of 100W and a core base clock frequency of 1240MHz and an boost frequency of 1480MHz. As it is integrated into the bios, I have not been able to find it, and other sites have only extracted the AMD graphics card's vbios file from it. All three of the DELL models work, but cause the DP port to fail, I presume due to the different corresponding channels in the vbios. the MSI one will light up the screen, but installing the driver will just bring it down. the vBIOS of the HP Z VR Backpack G1 Workstation can only be used through the external screen, the edp internal screen will not light up. The vBIOS of the HP Z VR Backpack G1 Workstation can only be used through the external screen, the edp internal screen cannot be lit. So I would like to get the lenovo thinkpad P72 P5200 version 86.04.a2.00.19 and the fujitsu Celsius H980 P5200 version 86.04.8B.00.7E It would be great to get this WMXM-P5200E-VO version of the P5200 vbios.
  3. Ok guys I am in need of help. I will make this as short as I can but here goes... A4500 MXM originally did NOT post in M18xR2 OR AW18 (6 beeps) in SG (Optimus) mode!! I found a Dell Precision A4500 vBIOS and the card now is posting and recognized in AW 18 in BIOS & Windows. M18xR2 POSTS now but does NOT see the card in BIOS OR Windows! Here's the worse part, upon installing drivers, I am getting Code 43 error. I tried modifying multiple INFs in drivers but they all give me code 43. I either need someone who knows someone with a HP machine with A4500 for HP vBIOS OR someone who can take a look at the stock vBIOS and compare to Dell vBIOS to see why it's not posting. I even got a custom heatsink made for this card lol @Prema @johnksss @Mr. Fox @Reciever @Meaker Does anyone know anyone who can help? I'm so close and it would suck if this is the end for A4500 upgrade. A4500_vBIOS.zip
  4. Hello, I recently installed the zotac GTX 1070 (these MXM GPUs out of their zBoxes) in my M18x R2 and so far everthing works fine(besides the strange fan behaviour, but thats another topic). As the lack of LVDS support I have to use the GPU in SG mode, so it's running over the iGPU. When connecting an external monitor I noticed that its also connected just to the iGPU which is bad for me as I want to use a high refreshrate screen. I digged through the schematics of the laptop(easily avialable) and noticed that the video outputs are switched by MUX switches that are controlled by the EC. My question now is: is there any way to switch these chips by software like a bios setting or something else? Otherwise I would just set them manually as these chips just get an high or low signal to change the input.
  5. (VBIOS for KM/TM models) I've tried selling this on ebay but it has been the usual nightmare. It's got a 30 day warranty. Shipped from the UK for $280.
  6. Hello, Will I find a good soul that could extract vBIOS from his or hers ZBook 15 G4 equipped with Quadro M2200 ? Thanks in advance! BIOS found, brand new HP M2200 arrived today (NOS), lets do it!
  7. I was going to add this to my existing upgrade project thread but figured to separate it to make it easier to find for those looking to purchase one. So ive finally joined the nvme club and upgraded my m18x r2. I got my adapter from alibaba and was cautious at first since the picture shown was of an older revision, luckily though it turned out to be the latest one (at time of writing): Heres the link to purchase one: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/The-Adapter-New-original-MXM-to_1600069323445.html# While i was at it i decided to upgrade the blu ray drive to a ssd since it was starting to act up. I also swapped my single pipe cpu heatsink for a dual pipe to better cool my semi OCed 3740qm. Not sure if coincidence or not, but i love how it fits inside of the cutout of where the original GPU heatsink used to sit. Makes for swapping it out a lot easier, the screw for the nvme drive isnt magnetic tho so be wary of that when swapping SSDs. As for speeds, im happy to report this adapter achieves close to full speeds like with @Maxware79 and @ssj92 Adapters. Thank you also maxware and ssj for helping me decide which NVMe drive to go with, ultimately i settled on the samsung 970 evo plus 2tb. Also, the NVMe drive is bootable and im happily booting windows 10 off of it.
  8. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amds-radeon-rx-6600-emerges-in-mxm-form-factor That's nice, it's in mxm 3.0b format! Looks that its manufacted for this egp Thunderbolt dock station for 600 dollars i guess https://www.taobao.com/list/item/wap/671865115314.htm?spm=a21wu.23452756.taglist-content.15.ed612ce703oQqY
  9. Hello guys, I have some questions regarding the GeForce GTX 980M. I'm using this card for 2 almost two years now and it's still impressive how much power this card has, especially if you think about the age. I was first using this card in my M17x R4 until I got a M18x R2 for an outstandingly cheap price. I upgraded the M18x with the 980m from the M17x and everything worked fine. As the cooling is better than the 17 I flashed an unlocked vBios(svl7's bios) to get the full potential out of this card. This was working fine for the last two weeks until yesterday. I played GTA V for two hours. Temperature was fine and the card pulled around 110-120w. Then suddenly the screen went black and the overcurrent protection of the PSU(330W Dell/Delta) took place. After a few minutes of measuring I found the GPU, specifically one of the MOSFETs to be the culprit. I replaced the MOSFET with one I found on a K2100M I had lying around(it's the same part, CSD87350D). The card works perfectly fine again and beside the MOSFET luckily noting else was damaged. Long story short: How much can the power stage withstand with three MOSFETs and does it make sense to add the other three "missing" ones? And how much current can the MXM port of the M18x R2 deliver without being damaged?
  10. Recommend using with i7 940xm since there's no default fan control and one'd have to rely on the CPU to keep the fan busy I also made a vBIOS that OC vRAM to 1350Mhz but can't find it RN. Attached also is a vBIOS for WX7100 which should work on 8740w. I just haven't had time to test it W7170m_8740w.rom WX7100-MXM-8740w.BIN
  11. Hello, I have an old Clevo W870CU lying around here for some time now which I got pretty cheap due to a faulty CPU vcore capacitor. I now got my hands on an Alienware M18X r2 with two GTX680M's that I wanna reuse as I upgraded this old boy to a single 980M. I installed the GPU and got the BIOS splash screen and the notebook even booted into Windows. After several seconds I noticed that the indicator lights started to blink while the GPU fan was ramping up to full speed. A few seconds later the notebook shut itself down without warning. I then went into the BIOS and saw that the GPU was recognized as "GPU UNKNOWN". Now my assumption is that the vBios is incompatible and that I need to flash another one(like how it is with MXM in general). Has anyone ever done this upgrade on that notebook and has some experience to share how to get this thing working? GPU Is the Dell GTX680M 2GB
  12. Hi all, I need help modifying 970m vBIOS to work in M17xR3. M17xR3 has no UEFI so it only works with legacy vBIOS. If newer card such as 970m with UEFI vBIOS is used, we get 8 beeps. I've been told by another person they had M5000M (980m Quadro) working in M17xR3/m18xR1 by modifying vBIOS and removing UEFI gop portion. I have tried this by removing UEFI gop and by removing ifr header and it still does 8 beep. Perhaps someone can help me modify it, maybe I am doing it wrong. I've attahced vBIOS. 970mstock = stock 970m vBIOS card came with 970mnogop = Removed uefi gop portion and padded file with FF 970mnogopnoifr = same as above but also removed ifr header to see if it helps only other option would be bios mod but that will probably be even harder. The original person claiming M5000M working has yet to respond to me. in theory this should work, when I had 8970m, I had same issue but VBE7 removes UEFI gop and the card worked for me. I do get a backlight on the screen but before posting it 8 beeps. 970m_vBIOS.zip
  13. Looking for a few items and I don't expect to get all of them right away, just little by little. * P177SM-A US Backlight Keyboard (uses same keyboard as the P177SM) * P170SM Top Case Shell (The shell in which the keyboard screws into) *G.Skill DDR3L 2133Mhz Ram (Hard to find and it doesn't have to be G.Skill branded either) * Nvidia Quadro P5200 with vbios soldered on I've been eyeing on buying one of the quadro p5200 cards on Ebay, but if somebody has one that's less than $600, I'm all ears.
  14. Price: 300 euro Condition: Like new Warranty: 30 days Reason for sale: Upgraded to P4200 Payment: PayPal Item location: Bucharest Romania Shipping: FREE International shipping: FREE Handling time: 3-7 days Feedback: had some nice feedback on NBR, https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/notebro Specification: Nvidia Quadro P3200 6GB DDR5 MXM 3.0 Type B for Clevo MSI - N18E-Q1-KC-A1 Max-Q Proof of ownership: Time Stamped pictures I bought this MXM card from someone in Greece but it didn't work due to not having a vBIOS chip. After a bit of research, I found the vBIOS chip and vBIOS file that is compatible with this card. Unfortunetly, it took some time to find a laptop repair shop which could solder and flash the vBIOS chip. In the mean time I bought another MXM card. The vBIOS used is Dell 86.04.8A.00.65 To install drivers, use NV-clean install. You can find it on Techpowerup website. The card is now working flawlessly: https://www.3dmark.com/spy/26922397 https://www.3dmark.com/tsst/2656582 Here are the full specs of the vide card: Name: Nvidia Quadro P3200 Launch date: 2018-02-21 Chipset: GP104 Litography: 16 nm Base clock speed: 1328 Mhz Memory speed: 7012 Mhz Chipset structure: 1792:112:64 Pixel rate: 98.8 GPixel/s Texture Rate: 172.8 GTexel/s Memory size: 6144 MB Memory bandwidth: 168 GB/s Memory type: GDDR5 Memory bus: 192 bit FP32 performance: 5.530 TFLOPS DirectX version: 12.1 OpenGLversion: 4.6 CUDA version: 6.1 TDP: 75 W
  15. A special graphics card made for ethereum
  16. Got word from company, they don't sell quantities less than a MOQ. An MOQ production run is minimum 100 parts, so that's a bummer. I understand why of course, but it's just dumb in my opinion. Still trying to get pricing info from PNY for a 100-part lot, but I don't have a quarter-million-plus sitting around for PNY to stuff in the bank either, so there's that. Just wanted to offer info for you fine folks. If I hear anything else, I'll update.
  17. Looking for a MXM GPU to fit the MSI 16L13 (Eurocom Tornado F5) since mine appears to hit the bricks. If this is still up, I'm still looking.
  18. Hi, I'm looking into buying a M17 R1 (not M17x) with a QX9300 and a HD3870 (or two, it's unclear). I was wondering what was the best GPU working, is there any trouble with recent card and their vbios ? my goal is something like a GTX980M or maybe a Pascal card... Can I fit this laptop an RGB display (which should use eDP to LVDS iirc) ? Is there an eDP connector or solder pad present on the board ? Thanks you all 😉
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