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Found 6 results

  1. If anyone does, perhaps they could please reply to the NBR thread there to point people in this direction? https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/sa1wo2/notebookreview_forum_closing_down_on_31st_january/ There still seems to be castaways washing up there who have never heard of this place, and that thread is still one of the top search results for NBR.
  2. I will post here as the old NBR and hopefully we can get some traction..it's no fun talking to ones self so lets change that. Post pOst PoSt posT I would like to say sometimes graphics arn't everything, I enjoy gaming on emulators and playing old classics like super mario world. I think only a handful of titles are worthy of replaying like GTA V and the witcher 3. Mods Im thinking GTA V has the best mods but RDR2 also has some pretty impressive graphical mods
  3. hi all , i was an old member of notebookreview, and im almost happy that someone take care of it making this forum available. im a notebook and computer tecnician. i have bga rework and repair motherboard electronic failure as short circuit, broken ic , resistor and capacitor. my best wish to get good help and effort from all members..
  4. Presenting: NBRCHIVE — a static, read-only archive of the NotebookReview forum. (Super early version.) Along with myself, @Sandy Bridge, @Reciever, and @Hiew have been involved in this project. I'll give extra props to @Sandy Bridge who brought along a tool specifically designed to pull data from XenForo forums. Without that, we would have been basically left with HTTrack, which takes way longer... and much less of the forum would have been able to have been archived with the level of resources that we have. We've been working over the past few days to grab as much as possible. We have not yet captured every single post, but we have hit the areas that appeared to be of the most value and also areas that were requested by other NBR users. (We are actually still actively pulling down content and will continue until NBR shuts down.) I'm still working to tie everything together and I will edit this post with updates as new sections are hooked in. This was a quick and dirty job, to some degree. TechTarget didn't give us that much time, and their web application firewall which starts throwing errors if you download too many pages too quickly also slowed down progress. For some forums, we only pulled threads with a certain number of posts (varying from forum to forum) and excluded the smaller threads. Also, I wanted to get something live for everyone as quickly as possible and I'm still working through cleaning some stuff up. You may see oddities while browsing threads — missing images, links from one thread to another not going to the right place, and maybe even a small number of threads that are cut off or otherwise "damaged". There are some known but fixable issues that will be addressed over the coming days and weeks. Threads downloaded with the XenForo archiver tool are not paginated, so your browser might choke on very long threads. (Internet Explorer seems to handle these the best, if you can believe it.) The Dell business laptops section (pulled via HTTrack) also has issues with some attachments and the "up arrow" link next to quotes, and it's still trying to pull a few files from the live NBR server when you view one of these threads. If you see anything else odd that seems like it could be fixed, feel free to let me know. Bear with me as I work to integrate all of the downloaded threads into a cohesive archive. I'm working on a simple tool to link threads downloaded by @Sandy Bridge's tool into the forum/thread list that I grabbed with HTTrack. This project is dealing with literally millions of tiny files so there is also some just waiting for stuff to be transferred around as I get it all prepped for hosting. When the integrated archive is ready, any threads that were not pulled down before the cutoff will still be present in the list. I will have them point to archive.org, which hopefully has a record of most of the threads. Also, I'm going to see about changing the top-right search function (currently pointing to "live" NBR) to just perform a Google site search. I will also clean up the presentation somewhat — removing any hint of the ads, non-functional bits like the logon link, and so forth. I don't think that I should be the sole holder of the archive. For NBR regulars who would like to download an offline copy, contact me via PM and I will arrange it, once the archive is in just about the best shape that I think that I can get it in. If TechTarget issues a takedown request, obviously I will have to comply. I'm hoping that they will leave it alone. I'm hosting the archive at my own expense; there are no ads and I am not taking donations. By taking the forum offline, they are not in a position to profit off of the material anymore, so it might as well be made available. The current status of the archive is: Forums integrated into the archive: Dell business laptops (Precision, Latitude, Vostro) Forums available to browse but not yet fully integrated into the archive: Hardware, software, and accessories Hardware components and aftermarket upgrades Accessories Gaming software and graphics cards eGPU / external graphics discussion Windows OS and software Security and antivirus software Linux compatibility and software Chome OS and software Networking and wireless Notebook cosmetic modifications and custom builds Desktop hardware Smartphones and tablets Notebook news, reviews, and deals Notebook news and reviews Notebook and tech bargains Notebook manufacturers Acer Packard Bell Gateway eMachines Alienware Alienware M11x 2015+ Alienware 13/15/17 Alienware 14 and M14x Alienware M15x Alienware 17 and M17x Alienware 18 and M18x Alienware Area 51/Aurora and Legacy Systems Alienware desktops Apple and Mac OS X Asus Asus reviews and owner's lounges Asus gaming notebooks Dell Dell XPS Fujitsu Gigabyte and Aorus HP HP business class notebooks Lenovo LG Microsoft MSI MSI reviews and owner's lounges Panasonic Toughbook buy, sell, and trade forum Razer Sager and Clevo Sager and Clevo reviews and owner's lounges Reseller feedback forum Samsung Toshiba VAIO / Sony VAIO / Sony reviews and owner's lounges Other manufacturers You can Ctrl+F for the name of a thread that you are interested in if you want to take a look at it.
  5. For some time now our record for online users was 49, which was set the day that we lost NotebookReview. Finally today, you all have removed that benchmark and replaced it with 62! I thank you all for allowing the forum to move past that reminder, and as always, happy posting!
  6. Hello. I am from the NBR forum, mainly posting in Alienware thread. I have a M18x R2 and still keeping it to this day
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