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Found 2 results

  1. Saw this and thought it might be interesting. It's an NBC blurb here's the link: https://www.notebookcheck.net/4K-60-fps-gaming-at-20-per-month-Nvidia-GeForce-Now-apps-on-Windows-and-macOS-can-now-stream-games-at-4K-resolution-at-a-silky-60-fps.617467.0.html I'm assuming there's some catch there making it not such a good deal but idk. I guess one catch is people not paying attention to the GaaS and forget about being billed every month, end up costing way more than if you just bought a system capable of that and kept it for a few years. That's the trend for everything, I think the schwab guy at WEF openly says this, and of course the ptb want that so there's definitely a thin end of the wedge going on all over. I mean I'm sure there are tiers because I can't imagine someone with a 4k screen and the equipment to stream that wouldn't just get a mid tear gpu even older one like a 2070 and turn down a few things for 4k/60 in a lot of games(==Scratch that it says 3080 tier only==). No mention of ray tracing support from the blurb either.
  2. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Computer-Games-on-Laptop-Graphics-Cards.13849.0.html A nice easy to see games benchmark list with different settings by NBC thought it would be a good general reference here. I'm wary of course because of the different cpus, ram, OS, etc that can effect the fps which is so specific but it's a good indicator for general use. They also needed to lock the gpu list to the left side so you can easily scroll sideways to the game of interest. Most games unfortunately don't have a dedicated benchmark as well so it's hard to know where in game they get their numbers from. They don't seem to have observed fps numbers posted for each card so it looks like they are just extrapolating based on what they have. Still I find them generally accurate in the few games I bothered to compare. GTAV and TW3 look to be the most tested for obvious reasons.
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