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Found 2 results

  1. https://www.pockit.ai/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3F9OtH2Xx4 For those of us who wanted something even more flexible than a Framework laptop 😃 Wasn't sure whether to put this here as a "gadget" or in General, or somewhere else.. so feel free to move this thread to a new home :)
  2. Seeing how laptops are getting more and more locked down and power restricted is making me think that maybe a SFF PC could be a better portable workstation than a laptop. Desktop replacements do have some advantages, like the battery functioning as a UPS, integrated display, smaller size, etc, etc. However I've recently been thinking that it might be better to have a thin and light 13-15 in laptop to take wherever, and have a SFF PC for long trips or when more power might be needed. SFF PCs are much easier to work on and replace stuffs than laptops, assuming you have a decent case. There is also more expandability, as decent boards can support 4 or more drives. It also uses desktop parts for everything, which are usually significantly cheaper than their laptop counterparts. This has led me to think that maybe I should just build a SFF gaming PC instead of repairing my 8770W or buying a newer laptop, but I still like the all in one nature of laptops, so I'm not sure.
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