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Found 3 results

  1. I've had a pretty unstable wifi lately, I don't own the router and I don't have access to it but it goes out all the time which makes no sense, my phone gets just fine full bars and I actually end up using it with pdanet usb tether but I don't have a ton of data in may plan only 10gb which doesn't last with videos etc so I'm stuck with this for now. =========== The main problem is that just randomly my intel ax201 160mhz will just drop the signal and it doesn't see other signals either, usually troubleshoot reset fixes it but I'm wondering if there are some settings in the wifi advanced tab I can tweak. Specifically I noticed the second setting down the list shown, I tried both n and ac and it just cut out detecting no signals I'm not sure what the router is I had the model here somewhere but can't find it. Would that be a helper with this if I got the right config? Any advice on the other settings or just major helper ones with the signal?
  2. Got a new AX89X router to go with my new gigabit internet line. Yeah it's unbalanced but we don't do a lot of uploading so it's not too bad. The virgin media modem is in modem mode with a 2.5Gb connection to the router. This is on an AX210 2x2 setup upstairs from the router.
  3. Hi, I have a Dell Precision 7710 on which the M.2 2230 B-key (I believe) slot for wifi card doesn't work (PCIE not working to be precise), thats why I wanna use the 3042 B-key port, looking at the schematic of the board, the 3042 port also comes with PCIE capability. I was only able to find 3042 B-key to miniPCIE or M.2 "nvme" (M-key I believe) to M.2 2230 A-key. So I would like to know if any of those adapter exist or if there is a wifi card, either M.2 3042 or miniPCIE that use the smaller wifi antenna. Thanks
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