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HP 2019/2020 Omen 17t VBIOS 190/200w Modding


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This is a stand in post until the OG poster decides to remake his thread. I hoped he would over here by now. DaMafiaGamer.


Here is a link to a read only archive of the thread for reference.


https://www.nbrchive.net/xfa/hp.3/HP Omen 17 2019 RTX 2080 VBios Modding (190W)/

Also to add to this please look at my follow up post as it will include, hopefully, the link to the proper Clevo 200W G-Sync vbios 2020 model users will need.


Begin OG post:


DISCLAIMER: This mod is NOT officially supported on the HP laptop mentioned below, and YOU assume all the risk and liability by attempting this mod on your own laptop. This thread was created merely to show that this mod is possible!


Stock 150W vBios is also included, scroll to the bottom for the link!



I have tested this RTX 2080 190W vBios for quite sometime now and have come to a consensus that it is suitable for daily gaming use, there are three reasons why (you can skip this and go to the bottom if you like):

330W Charger 

The laptop does not use all 330w of power when gaming, actually it hovers between 250w-280w under extreme CPU + GPU loads (furmark + Prime95). So there is potentially 50w-80w left to spare for battery charging. If the battery is already charged this spare wattage can be put to good use. With a 190w vbios on the RTX GPU I'm reaching 290w-320w of use, still there is a good 20w-40w for battery charging factoring in extra load the PSU can take. 

Heatsink Design

As you can all clearly see the heatsink design for this laptop's GPU is no slouch, (note I didn't say the CPU :D😞 


All of that heatsink mass is cooling just a 150W GPU! With there being multiple thick heatpipes on the GPU side the laptop would have no problem keeping temperatures in the low 70s with a repaste. This is why there is enough leeway for us to play with. Another 40w increases temps from an original max of 69-72c to 76-79c.Please bare in mind that this is with LM applied.

Expect 6-8c higher on thermal paste!

VRM Design and layout 

This was the most important factor of the whole mod! Luckily HP have actively slapped a heatpipe on all the GPU VRMs which means no burning out today (Alienware Area 51m :D😞 


As you can see there are 8 mosfets, 2 for the vram and 6 for the vcore. 

Meanwhile the Alienware Area 51M has 6 mosfets, 1 for the vram and 5 for the vcore o_O 


Both laptops use the same mosfets: NCP- 303150

From this we can conclude that the HP has MUCH better power delivery to the RTX GPU die as it has one extra vrm for the vcore and vram as well as notably better vrm cooling as its actively cooled via a heatpipe and not some metal shroud like the alienware, this was the problem with the area 51m the vrms were not cooled thoroughly and this is gladly NOT an issue with the HP Omen. 



Here is a 3dmark timespy benchmark of my HP Omen with the stock 150w Vbios:


Here is the same benchmark with the 190w Vbios:


Here is a UserBenchMark score of the GPU at 150W +200MHz Vram +140MHz Core:


Here is a UserBenchMark score of the GPU at 190W +200MHz Vram no core overclock (remember the alienware vbios has higher base clocks):


In games I see roughly a 8 - 12% performance increase with the vbios mod, especially in GPU heavy games like Assassins Creed Odyssey 


Here is the modified vbios: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hvwT1MOj_qkt3Pnfdby6EB8SbbmcU6no/view?usp=sharing 

Included in the folder is the stock Vbios which is labelled as 'TU104.rom'

Flash via the NVflash program provided, type this command in with CMD reading from the folder directory:

nvflash64 -6 190w.rom

For the stock HP Vbios type this command:

nvflash64 -6 TU104.rom

Good luck flashing, remember to always backup your original vbios using NVflash! 

Please support me and donate so I can keep doing the mods that I do best :): http://paypal.me/ZeeshanAkhlaq

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thank you Rackers:

After some more research, I have good news to report for Omen 17 2020 users with a 2080 Super - there is a 200W BIOS for us! 

It comes courtesy of the Clevo XMG Ultra 17 which is a 200W G-Sync variant - BIOS is here: VGA Bios Collection: Clevo RTX 2080 Super 8 GB | TechPowerUp 

I've done some quick initial testing running HWiNFO64 and the Heaven/Time Spy benchmarks and I can confirm the GPU draws between 198 - 214W under stress and maintains a higher boost clock (I am overclocked by +160Mhz on the core anyway). 

I've finally breached 10k on Time Spy & it took my Heaven benchmark score from 3425 to 3770, min FPS from 36 to 40 & max FPS from 281 to 310. 

I've already repasted with Gelid GC-Extreme and temperatures compared with 150W are around 2-3c higher (70-74c on GPU now). I suspect on a long gaming session I will see that increase slightly but the cooling after a repaste gives headroom for this BIOS. 

I use a HP USB-C dock which still works, HDMI still works but I don't know about the Mini-DP as I don't use it so that is not a deal breaker for me. 

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This was the final step I needed to complete the mod. Thanks again, Rackers:


I used an admin command prompt & had to use nvflash from the Techpowerup site ( NVIDIA NVFlash (5.728.0) Download | TechPowerUp) as the one in this thread kept returning an error. 

If you use the one from the Techpowerup site you'll need to run this first before running the flash command:nvflash64 --protectoff

You can then use the flash command as normal. After you've flashed the BIOS & rebooted the vBIOS version in GPU-Z should be

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Here is what I experienced immediately after the mod. Don’t worry about the blank screen. Simply press your power button to restart or shut down and turn back on. It came back after that.


OG thread post:


Ahh maybe that’s the issue. Let me download and use the TPU NV flash. 

update. It went through but I only have a blank screen. I’m going to try and do a shut down and restart. What can I do if I’m stuck with this blank screen? 

update 2: shut down and started back up and the vbios is showing correctly and my screen is back. Let me test now 

Update 3: SUCCESS! Running TimeSpy and it’s 200w steady! Thank you so much!

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jesus nice scores!!!



the omen series is easily the most underrated laptop series on the market...its killer better than razer or alienware or lenovo

Neo : Omen 16 2021 | i7-11800h | 64Gb ram | RTX 3060 (140w)  | 3tb   | 1080p 100srgb 144hz |  Windows 10 | Sony 55X85J  | ROG Flare | Razer basilisk X 

Morpheus : Hp DY2008CA | 16Gb ram | Intel XE  | 1tb  | AtlasOS

Trinity : Hp X360 Chromebook

Agent : Acer 311 Chromebook  

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I can't seem to bust 20k in firestrike with my 3060 115w and 11800h....bizarre

Neo : Omen 16 2021 | i7-11800h | 64Gb ram | RTX 3060 (140w)  | 3tb   | 1080p 100srgb 144hz |  Windows 10 | Sony 55X85J  | ROG Flare | Razer basilisk X 

Morpheus : Hp DY2008CA | 16Gb ram | Intel XE  | 1tb  | AtlasOS

Trinity : Hp X360 Chromebook

Agent : Acer 311 Chromebook  

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