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  1. Is this the prelude to the all P-core processors that are rumored? @Mr. Fox @Talon https://wccftech.com/intel-14th-gen-desktop-cpus-no-e-cores-core-i9-14901ke-flagship-8-p-cores-5-8-ghz/ I am actually curious about the 14901KE for homelab server use - https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/238781.html
  2. The most I've spent on a keyboard is $250 about a year and a half ago. However, I've learned that what I purchased is a toy compared to the fully custom keyboards that a couple of my friends have. They have spent thousands on one or two keyboards. I can't laugh at them too hard, knowing how much I've spent on custom cooling parts and camera lenses.
  3. Remember, before I purchased the Asrock 6900 XT, I posted here about them in regards to the warranty voided information they had on their website. I wrote to their customer service about it (never got a response) that I would be reporting it. I screenshot and downloaded their warranty pdf, filed a complaint with the FTC. About a month ago, I checked Asrock's US website, and all of the language about voiding your warranty if you remove the sticker or open up your GPU is gone. While the public information is gone, I don't know if their internal processes reflect the change. I haven't needed to use their warranty.
  4. I know Asrock was doing this but I didn't know Zotac and Gigabyte were placing Warranty Voided if Removed stickers. I one of those that reported Asrock to the FTC about those illegal stickers. https://www.techspot.com/news/103669-ftc-warns-pc-manufacturers-consumers-have-right-repair.html
  5. Brother, my storage arrays are limited by cooling, otherwise I'd have a SAN set up in my homelab. Strictly speaking of raw storage, I'm in the 500TB+ club. Not including any of my SSD storage arrays. All of this requires a lot of power but that's where solar comes into play. Some of you don't know but I'm a huge Prepper. Back into the lurking shadows I go for now.
  6. I have a lot of experience with them in an enterprise environment and "proconsumer" homelab. The one drive I really pushed people to get was the Intel P4510 8TB when it was down to $399. While not as fast the 5520, it featured the same full 1DWPD as the 5520. As you stated in your bulletpoint list, these "older" drives are great and there is no downside besides price...well there is the lack of real warranty (Solidigm took over Intel's drive business, but you have to purchase from them to get the warranty). Like the P4510, people like myself are waiting for the 5520 to hit $500 or below to pounce.
  7. That was a good video. It is my curse...storage. I am literally looking at 14 to 16TB drives for my new NAS builds.
  8. KP is back....with PNY?! So my next card will be a KP PNY 5090. Never thought I'd writing that.
  9. I don't believe this guy at all. I mean, he's knowledgeable enough about the 4090 AND the CM adapter, not to mention being able to go into CM's Reddit to complain...but completely oblivious the past 14 months about dying 4090's???! I am not giving CM a free pass on this entire situation, but in this case, I call BS.
  10. Why are you trolling with that username. You and I discussed how bad that mobo you have, is. Guys, this is just one of the guys I work with. While he is currently using an AMD platform, he is going to Intel for a particular reason...which I won't say. Gamerboys. Smh 😆 EDIT: Your RAM isn't running at 4800 anymore. It's running at 6000. I changed that when you brought your PC to the office.
  11. Guys, I have some young men that are showing some interest in overclocking, joining the forum. @Mr. Fox @electrosoft @Talon @Raiderman @Papusan I need your help to educate these men, move them from gamerboys to overclockers. To those I'm writing about, don't be afraid to ask questions.
  12. Since I skipped the 40 series...., I'll be in line for a 5090 (I've been saving for it). It will be my luck that I pick up a 5090 and they introduce a 5090 TI/Super later. I will be picking up the next ARC GPU, because they are fantastic when it comes to compute in video editing. I'll go back to AMD if/when they develop another high-end GPU.
  13. I believe the 5000 series was the last to allow vBIOS flashing, whereas 6000 series still allowed you to use tools like MPT. 7000 series is as locked down as Nvidia's cards.
  14. Hahaha, no. It is going under custom water. I only used the air cooler in the review to showcase Corsair. I am researching the best options for blocks that are not tailored to direct die. Thanks bro!
  15. All of this talk of an air cooler that can't cool a fiery 14900KS at over 300W has me laughing. I tried cooling a 14900KS with air cooling in an upcoming review, hahaha.
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