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DXVK for windows dx11 and below also linux


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I've seen this floating around and looked into it and noticed it really helps with the open world AC games that run on dx11 and below and other older games. This was originally done for linux gaming compatibility but others figured out it helps with windows older games resulting in fps gains and lower cpu etc in some situations. Next time I boot up origins or odyssey will def try it out.




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Just wanted to update this with my experience in ACody which I fired up after 2 years. I just copied the dxvk files into the exe folder. For me the lows came way up from 30s to 50s and I have it locked to 60 max via NCP, do that for all my games. I also cranked up almost all settings to max and it looks great.


Game is too much of a todo list type of thing though and it's too big or feels that way, traversal time is a big issue in the world and the various enemies all over are too cookie cutter stuff, copypaste. You have the cave ones, the fort ones, the camping ones etc After a few dozen it's not that interesting anymore. And the cultist aspect is even more chores. I never made it to Atlantis too much work for a game, maybe dl a 100% save to get there. I had 136hrs on my last save, it's enough already lol


They really need to remove denuvo as well, after 5 years is piracy really an issue? How many pirates would bother to buy this anyways? They lost nothing but instead still pay denuvo fees and the effect it has on the game afa stutters etc And this was cracked pretty soon after coming out, no pirate is going to buy it but whatever. Still 60$ for the basic version too, 110$ for both dlcs I mean come on.


I'm not aware that this benefits ACor but put the dxvk files in there anyway, probably fire it up soon but I don't recall the same stutters and drops in that one, it's the better game, smaller, focused, more interesting visually and better main quest. World is more varied and interesting etc

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