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Haiku Beta 4 dropped in December, sporting a nice list of new improvements, including better HiDPI support, thumbnails in Tracker (the file explorer), support for GTK, and a port of WINE, the latter two of which enable a lot more applications to run.


To give it a try, you'll need a Pentium II or Athlon or later, 384 MB of RAM, and 3 GB of storage space.  A little more demanding than Windows 98, but quite reasonable by today's standards!


Is anyone here running Haiku?  I took Beta 3 for a spin in a VM last year, and found it to be a pleasant experience, and the UI to be extremely responsive, even in a virtual machine.  That beta wasn't at a place where it could wholly replace Windows for me, even from a non-gaming standpoint, primarily due to not yet having a wide enough variety of software, but I appreciated the different-but-sensible UI paradigms and saw a lot of potential.  It was refreshing to see a different take than what the Big Three (Windows/Linux/Mac) provide.  I plan to try Beta 4 as well.


(Side note on organization, I wanted to put this in the "Operating Systems" sub-forum but can't create threads there, and Haiku does not fit into any of that forum's sub-forums, so this seems like the most appropriate spot)

Desktop: Core i5 2500k "Sandy Bridge" | RX 480 8 GB | 32 GB DDR3 | 850 Evo + HDDs | Seasonic Prime Titanium 650W | 8.1 Pro

Laptop: MSI Alpha 15 | Ryzen 5800H | Radeon 6600M | 16 GB DDR4 | 512 GB SSD | 10 Home

Laptop history: MSI GL63 (2018) | HP EliteBook 8740w (acq. 2014) | Dell Inspiron 1520 (2007)

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