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clevo P775TM1-G ram


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hi there,


i bought a Metabox(clevo) P775tm1-g not long ago with a single stick of 16gb 3000mhz ram

the laptop made it run at 2666mhz.

anyway i wanted to put more ram in it so i bought more 2400mhz sticks under the advice of Metabox. after installing my FPS was lower in games and benchmarks. i took the new ram out thinking it would run faster but it was exactly the same for some reason.

am i doing something wrong? if someone could shed some light i would appreciate it.


specs: i7 8700k

GTX 1080

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I owned a P775TM1, it was a nice machine. Glad you have one too!

I am under the assumption you upgraded from one stick to two or four sticks. There should be a reasonable performance gain by using dual channel memory, even if it's a tad slower than the single stick. Could you perhaps send a screenshot of the memory tab in CPU-Z so we can figure out where your problem might be stemming from?

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