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SN570 not reaching advertised sequential speeds(Solved)


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As the title suggests I went with a sweet deal SN570 1TB for game/videos and tested with Orico NVMe enclosure and transferred the data just fine from old M.2 SATA 850 EVO 256GB. I decided to bench using CrystalDiskMark and it was barely reaching rated speeds of a PCIe3 x4 and tried it in a different slot which caps the lanes to x2 and speeds difference was almost indistinguishable.

I checked WD warranty using the serial number and seems to be genuine. The current speeds are similar to SN550 which had lanes capped to x2 and isn't sold anymore in India. Should I return the drive? I was really amazed at 600TBW endurance from BiCs5 NAND but experience is not great. Also the firmware is up-to-date.

The SSDs I'm using P1 1TB on Alienware 15r2 6700HQ. SN570 might be moved to new business/gaming laptop which will replace 15r2.


Any inputs will be much appreciated.


PCIe3 x4 1GB sample size:




PCIe3 x4 8GB sample size:




PCIe3 x2 speed:



Crucial P1 in x2 and x4 lane:





SN570 x2 lane Versus SN570 x4 lane:



Sn570 x4 lane against various sample sizes:



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