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alienware area-51m cleaning mentenance ( TRUST ME its worth it )

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as i mentioned in the other topic that my upgraded vabor champer for the area-51m R1 has failed and so i had to install the stock heatsink . however after i did that i found that my gpu is still thermal throtteling and as so the CPU at 5.1ghz single core or 4.8ghz on all cores overclocked by the alienware command center with nanual voltage managment at 1.24v and -48mv offset.

so i decided i will disassamble the stock heatsink and remove the fans too to see if there is any dust stuck between the fan and the heatsink vints ( after removing the heatsink from the laptop u will have to remove a 4 small scrows and 2 electrical tapes each side which hold the fan in place )

and OMG it was completly blocked by dust and no wonder it was thermal throtteling . so i did the folowing :

- used an old soft tooth brush to remove all the dust from the heatsink vints and blow it next with a hair dryer 

- used the same tooth brush to clean the fans with some rubbing alcholl and blow it with the hair dryer 

- add new thermal paste ( KPX the best i ever tryed ) 

then i assambled everything back. 

resaults is great ,

- no thermal throttling on the GPU at all ( please note that i'm using a MSI afterburner to undervolt the GPU ) i'm at 1950mhz @ .943V all stable. 

- CPU thermal throttle at 5.1ghz while rendering 3d max vray or adobe premiere pro when exporting a video after 2 or 3 minutes but rather then this ( gaming or editing or installing softwares ) no issues no throtteling at all . 



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