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Crysis Remastered MODS


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I want to check out the GOD mode mod...ha twister. yeah I think this game should have had more open coding. mods made crysis that much better, real pity. but at least we have cyberpunk 2077/RDR2/GTA V mods and tons of them. gaming on PC is superior to consoles for this very reason....gotta love PC

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I finally fired this up and the various patches have made it playable now, there's also an awesome trainer on gamecopyworld that has tons of options including 3rd person view at the touch of a button, free fly, no clip, etc it's the +21 one there really cool way to sort of mod it.


I'm just past the alien ship segment and it's nostalgic but definitely old even with it all cranked up but it does look great in places. I got FC2 vibes for sure. The controls are ok but take some practice and the tank entering/exiting controls are not even in the settings section so I had to hoof it after accidentally hitting the exit button whatever it was, as per usual I use an xbone pad for comfort. Analog is way better imo.


Playing at the hard setting and taking out the NK elite suited guys takes either a missile launcher or tons of bullets, easier to take out tanks lol Eh it's just a quick run through for me, I didn't bother with 2/3 remasters I think 3 didn't really need it for those of us who are not going to do RT etc and don't have 4k screens. Was never a huge crysis guy. I can definitely feel the Predator theme etc

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