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Alienware x14, Probably my favorite new portable

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Hard to imagine, just a year ago I was asking about the X14 release date here on the forums lol. 


I bought a X14 on black friday from best buy for $1299 (even cheaper thanks to a gift card)


I gotta say I'm impressed. Of course no laptop is perfect so my personal complaints:


1) CPU reaches 100c instantly on load (despite AW claiming liquid metal on CPU or maybe mine is just crap)

2) No subwoofer so audio sounds tiny 

3) 75w 3060 instead of 115w or even 80/90w models. I can probably flash vBIOS with 115w model but the usb-c ac adapter is 130w

4) Only USB-C for charging. If AW still kept the old port as well, it would allow much higher power support


But overall it's a nice laptop. I bought it knowing well enough the R2 would come out months after I got it. 


Some benches:


TS: https://www.3dmark.com/spy/35694779

FS: https://www.3dmark.com/fs/29515835


I don't feel like writing an essay on the rest so here's my review video for anyone who cares:



Alienware m18             : Intel Core i9 13900HX                  | nVidia GeForce RTX 4090    | K1675 | 2x1TB SSDs 

Alienware Area-51M : Intel Core i9-9900K @ 5.3Ghz    | nVidia GeForce RTX 2080    | AX210 | Samsung 970 Evo+ 
Alienware M18x R2 :    Intel Core i7 3920XM @ 4.7Ghz | nVidia Quadro RTX 3000     | AX210 | Samsung 980 PRO   
Clevo X170SM-G:         Intel Core i7 10700K @ Stock     | nVidia GeForce RTX 2070S | AX210 | 256GB+2x512GB 

More Laps: M14x (555m) | M14xR2 (650m) | M15x (980m) | M17xR3 (880m) | M18xR1 (880m SLI) | 18 R1 (RTX 3000)

DT: Aurora R4 (i9 10980XE/RTX 4070) | Area-51 R2 (22-Core Xeon/2x Titan V) | SR-2 [2x6-Core/3x980Ti] | Mac Studio

CS Studios YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CSStudiosYT 

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Very nice right up and video! Subbed!


I think the x14 would be a great candidate for some under voltage and under clocking action.


I’m looking forward to your m18 review.

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