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Motherboard probably dead on p950hp, but I still want to investigate it


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My p950hp (2018) turned itself off last week, while it was running on battery. I initially thought it went to sleep, but it hasn't powered back on since. The LEDs for the battery and power supply don't light up anymore (with two different chargers), which is the other main and concerning symptom.

I tested the chargers and the battery, they both output current. I tried disconnecting a few things (including the battery), in case a faulty component or cable would somehow block the power supply to the rest. I did measure current on some components of the motherboard as well, so it's definitely going around, but apparently not where it should. I assume something blew up for some weird reason on the motherboard. I have little hope to find it (and even less to actually manage to fix it), but I still want to give it a try. If only as an opportunity to learn 😉

The service manual provides schematics for parts of the MB that are, as I understand, related to supplying power to the various parts of the computer: VDDQ; VDD3 & VDD5; 5V&3.3V; VDD1.0; VCCSTG&VCCSFR; 1V8RUN, 1V8AON & NV2V3; NVVDD; NVVDDS; PEX_VDD; FBVDDQ; VCC_CORE & VCCGT; VCCSA. I can't say it makes much sense to me. Does anyone have any idea where I should focus my attention, considered the current symptoms (can't power on the laptop & even the "charger on" LED doesn't light up)?


I'm adding that I never had any power-related issues before, and that the battery never showed signs of significant wear. The only issue I can think of was with my SSD last year. It would sometimes randomly disappear when powering on the laptop (mostly), and a few times while in use. After changing Windows power plan settings (following Crucial recommendations) (and they were indeed crucial), I had it work again properly. I've been extremely happy with my Clevo so far and I'm bummed to see it die just like that after 5 years of gentle use.


Any suggestion welcome!

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hi if u can make a motherboard picture where it get power from psu. there should be one big resistor and 2 mosfet. check voltage on that big resistor multimeter set to 20 or 200dc if volt exceed that 20v ; ground on any metal of mainboard and red probe on resistor. with a picture i can give more detail.

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