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HP Zbook / Dell / MSI Thunderbolt Bandwidth Per Port


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Most interested in HP Zbook Studio, but trying to research thunderbolt info on other brands too.


Do any laptops, besides MacBookPro, provision full bandwidth to each thunderbolt port vs sharing 40gbps over ports?


I need to be able to attached two TB3 devices and have each get a full performance.


Will be doing simultaneous access of external NVMEs for video editing and possibly an eGPU.


It is very hard to find this kind of info. Was able to find in these helpful forums that maybe H series vs HX series processors could be a factor.


Would H series processors allow each port full tilt boogie, while HX would not unless there were two controllers external to it?


Looking at Zbooks, but would consider the MSI creators (with H series intel), Dell Precision, or etc.






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There may be benefits with the H-series processors as they have direct Thunderbolt support on the CPU, it was the same with Alder Lake:



They will also be a better option if you do not plan to always use the dedicated GPU.


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