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Just bought two 10th gen iPads. Really good tablets, and actually notebook replacements for general work.


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So, my wife and I were deep in discussion the other evening about just having everything work together technologically for our family. We are both fed up with stuff not working together so we decided on going to apple for our tech...YAH I KNOW!  I fought with this for years, hoping, just hoping we would get something to tie our iOS deivces to windows.  I am tired of waiting....So, the transformation has started. I went and bought two 256gb iPad 10th gens for us. I don't do any heavy lifting on tablets so the base 10th gens are perfect for us. 


I am using mine as a content consumption device, and she is using hers as a notebook replacement. I have 2 Logitech keyboard setups coming for them that actually use the apple connection on the iPad for the keyboard to work. Better than Bluetooth IMO. I started trying stuff with the ipad and connected my USB C dock to the tablet, and put my Logitech receiver in it for the mouse.  Bam....worked right away.  Then I pluged in a DP cable and bam...worked right away.  So, she can use her ipad as a complete computer replacement for doing things like basic word processing, excel, web surfing and doing graphic design for our businesses. It's much faster than her dell 2 in 1 we bought a few years ago, and the screen is the same size but much clearer. 


I am very impressed with the new iPads. Plus, they just work when we need them to. OMG I just said the magic fanboy words "it just works".  I am going to off myself now...have a great day people!🤪

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Workstation - Dell XPS 8940 - desktop creative powerhouse

Mobile Workstation - Dell inspiron 5406 2 in 1 - mobile creative beast

Wifey's Notebook - Dell inspiron 3169 - Little gem for our businesses

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