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dell poweredge r730 as gaming rig ? bios mod needed


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hi all, i went into loving to experiment new thing and decided to make a dell poweredge r730 server rack as gaming pc, but till now i come out only with problems , even if there are some video on yt showing that this machine is capable of running games just fine.

first problem was to make ssd nvme in pcie slot bootable. now i can boot using clover usb drive, but injecting nvme  efi into bios  i think is possible as there is some tutorial for other dell server workstation.

second big problem is vga... i picked un an intel arc a770 and it give me whea uncorrectable error everytime i try to install a driver, chiposet vga no matter it give me that bsod.

i then find out that bios doesnt even have resizable bar support, but for that too there is a github project...


i would like to get some opinion about that and if all this project can be made .


server just work fine with an old nvidia 9800gt.


my question now is: to make intel vga compatible with this server , do i need to check gop version, biuos support or what can caouse the bsod im getting ?


i know i could have get a desktop pc  straight away, but was liking toi get into server software , config and capabilities to get new know how on the argument.


ps: system has 2x 14 core cpu and 128gb ddr4 2400mhz with dual 750 watt psu.

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i cant help you with vbios info but im chiming in to say, i hope you have fun with it and enjoy that beast. should run every game maxed at 1080p and high/1440p

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update: i had to entirely remove the mainboard to dump bios as in r730 it is located  at the bottom of mainboard.



ive attached original bios dump.

originale.bin is the dump from working server.

bios2.bin is my attempt to insert rebar support and nvme boot  support.


about nvme it already had an nvmexpress ffs, but i inserted the one provided by a dude on a site to make boot option from nvme available.


now  can someone check if all is ok, and maybe remove bios protection so i can flash it without disassembly tyhe mainboard again , or maybe  now that i have original dump , i can flash only bios part without me or other are not needed.


also is there a way to make intel arc a770 supported by bios, because now server doesnt recognize it and make server go full fan speed (very loud ) 😄


also now that i have done this   can i add support for other things to make it more desktop and ofcourse server compatible ? i dunno maybe creative audio suport, rtx  support and so on.


edit: both nvme and rebar doesnt work. im still doing some try.


edit2: nvme is always seen in windows booting from an 2,5 ssd, but i cant boot from it (nvme to pcie adapter)

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