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12th gen i9 / 3070 combo in razer 16, is faster than M2 max...Max Tech proven. Should have seen them squirm!


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Just finished watching a video by max tech where they pitted an M2 Max pro and the 12th gen i9/3070 combo in a razer 16 against each other. Lets just say the Razer was MUCH faster.  They had to make their usual apple spin by saying they would still buy the macbook because of the web cam and build quality of the macbook.  But they had alot of trouble saying the razer is the better system.  Clearly it is. 


Ha ha. I am moving to mac soon, but fanboys are sooooo funny!  The other good videos to watch from them are the blind photo tests. They keep picking the android phones photos and then squirming when they find out it's not their beloved iphone.  ha ha. 

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