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Soundblaster X-Fi MB5 gone


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I think, this is a more general Clevo or even laptop question.


I have been using an USB DAC for a couple of years now. There are some issues with it regarding music playback under Linux right now and i wanted to try out the Soundblaster X-Fi that comes with my Clevo P670. But the card doesn't show up in any hardware list. With Linux and Windows. Just Realtek/Nvidia and the DAC are visible.


Windows: The equipment is not disabled in the device manager. I have read somewhere, that the Soundblaster has not it's own chip, but is a software enhanced version of the Realtek audio. Can someone shed light on it or help out to get the Soundblaster running? I know, that the series has been discontinued for a couple of years and there are no new drivers available, but i don't think it's a driver issue in the first place. I am just doing it wrong how to enable/install it. The Clevo P670 has an AMI BIOS, so no fancy options in the BIOS to accidentally disable the chip.

2017 Clevo Laptop, TuxedoOS/Win11

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hi u have to install the driver from clevo website for your model. in addition after u discover what realket chip it is, u can upgrade the realkek driver part and let the sound blaster  software untouched.

 i did it with my old alienware m17x r4.

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