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Musicians....Post your gear here!


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I will post photos when my music room/studio is back to working order after the sewer backup.  I can post a list of my gear now...I would love to see everyones!


My gear is as follows.


- squier classic vibe 60s FSR strat in lake placid blue, modified with Vineham blk1 pickups. (custom one off set made for me by Craig)

- squier deluxe strat in pearl white with GFS double stacked hot pickups and preamp in tone 2 location and pickup toggle to run 3 pickups together. 

- squier classic vibe 60s FSR tele with vineham custom tele pickups and 5 way toggle mod.

- fender professional strat - stock - no need for any changes with this one.  olive green with maple fretboard

- vester acoustic martin copy. This one was rescued from a house fire. I used to own a fire/water restoration company and this one came to us as salvage.  I went to work repairing it and it's my favorite acoustic in my collection

- Takamine G series cutaway drednaught.  

- Takamine Jasmine series no cutaway. This one plays better than 3/4 of the multi thousand dollar taks I have played

- squier mini strat (my son's little screamer guitar). 

- Yamaha ds series 12 string.  Wonderful sounding guitar.

- fender mustang GTX 100 amp

- Fender Mustang 3 in custom built cabinet and 2 12 inch speakers

- fender mustang 1 in custom cabinet with 2 10 inch speakers

- line 6 spider 5 mk2 60w 

- line 6 pod go 

- Hohner vintage two level organ with Leslie speaker etc (needs a bit of work to bring back to perfect)

- Yamaha clavanova electric piano 

- Yamaha prs synth midi'ed to PC for infinite sounds.


Some other stuff I am forgetting...


Give the list of your gear and photos!

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Workstation - Dell XPS 8940 - desktop creative powerhouse

Mobile Workstation - Dell inspiron 5406 2 in 1 - mobile creative beast

Wifey's Notebook - Dell inspiron 3169 - Little gem for our businesses

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