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Parts for XMG Neo 17 m22 ?


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Does anyone know of a supplier for the top/keyboard assembly of the XMG Neo 17 m22?  I believe this case is identical for many models including the Uniwill IDN, Eluktronics Mech 17 GP, Tuxedo Stellaris 17 etc etc.  Im trying to replace the keyboard with a non-cherry MX one but it is afaict impossible to detach from the case top, so I need an entire case top. 


This laptop enclosure seems to be fairly widely used (which makes sense it is very nice) but it seems like you've got to know someone in china to get parts.


I can't tell which of the numbers on the part might be the part number and in any case google doesn't give any results for any of them. 


Thanks for the help!

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Assuming you haven't already, I'd contact XMG support with this query. They also have a discord server where you could ask around.



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N-1                             -> Dell Precision 5560 (my lady's)

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    512 GB SSD
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    FHD+ 1920x1200
    PopOS 22.04


Millenium Falcon: Dell Precision 5530
    i9-8950HK CPU
    2x16 GB DDR4 2,666 MHz
    1 TB SSD
    NVIDIA Quadro P2000
    UHD 3840x2160
    Ubuntu 22.04 / Windows 10 LTSC


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