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Swap Realtek Alc Chip on audio board


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So from what you all know I am an owner of a Clevo P870DM with TM port bios, meaning it got the sound bug stated in dsanke bios description. To be more precise sound only work properly with basic windows driver (no realtek audio manager working) and no Creative Xfi software working either.


I started wondering what will happen if I swap the ALC 892 with a ALC 898 on the DM audio board (already checked the service manuals on both and saw no major differences on the pinout side - so in theory it might work).


I am now at the moment where I am trying to source another DM audio board and order the chip from ebay.


Please add you input to this, as all help and advices are welcomed.

@ViktorV please share your thoughts.

Clevo P870DM-G | i9-9700K 4.5 Ghz on all cores (-50 mv undervolted) | 32GB Hyper X Black 2666MHz | Clevo RTX 2080 3.1b undervolted for better temp 1905Mhz @881 mv | AUO B173HAN03.1 144hz Gsync | Samsung 980 NVME | Dsanke TM BIOS - Chujoi13 adapted based on needs | Network Card: Intel AX210-AX | Windows 10 Pro x64

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