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New parts for my dells ordered finally!


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A few years ago my husky stepped on my 5368 notebook and screwed up the screen, so I bought my 5406 to replace it.  Fast forward to today, I was sitting drinking coffee a few weeks ago and dropped my new system and cracked the bottom case.  


I ordered a new screen for the old system to refurbish for my son.  I have 16gb of ram and a 512gb ssd waiting to install into it. I will hack win 11 onto it and it should get him through a few years more. 


My system just need the new base plate to be back to new.  Can't wait to get these parts now and get the systems up and running.  I am going to try to get the play store installed on my son's older machine too.  With 16gb of ram it should run no issue.

Workstation - Dell XPS 8940 - desktop creative powerhouse

Mobile Workstation - Dell inspiron 5406 2 in 1 - mobile creative beast

Wifey's Notebook - Dell inspiron 3169 - Little gem for our businesses

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