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115w omen 16 11800h I flashed to a 140w bios. works like a charm


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Iv'e been benchmarking the crap out of this laptop and could not break 9100 in timespy gpu. So I decided to take the risk and flask a 140w omen vbios, so it works scores are up my best was 9500gpu with the overclock being 175/420. it didn't hold the clocks and undervolting makes more sense, with a nice undervolt im seeing 9100gpu and 9300 overall so its a nice bump in performance and the temps are ok around 82c. All you have to do is you the -6 command while flashing. theres a tut on youtube somewhere, if I find it ill post here.


so overall im impressed with this laptop when I lock games to 60fps and lower cpu to 3.1 ghz my temps never pass 65c on cpu or gpu so its able to game for long periods of time without sweating. if anyone has the 115w 3060 i'd be glad to help you flash the vbios. 


side note. don't blindly flash, be very careful and follow all the steps.( -6 command)



heres a undervolted gpu and underclocked cpu 3.1ghz




when I lock the fps at 4k/60 it never goes into the 70s either gpu nor cpu




            Omen 16 2021

            Zenbook 14 oled

            Vivobook 15x oled


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