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LG Gram 16" and 17" Part numbers


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So I've just made my first big notebook purchase in a few years, getting some 'new to me' LG Grams, the 17z90q and 17z90n.  But what do these part numbers mean anyways?


Well, here is what I what I was able to deduce with all my research.


The first two digits are the screen size, 16 for the 16" and 17 for the 17".  This may even apply to their other Gram model sizes, but I haven't looked into it.


The next letter seems to always be a 'Z' on the 17" and "T" on the 16".


The next two digits are kind of interesting, typically '90' for the 17", except there have been 'half-year' models where there was a '95' model where some things were updated from the '90' of that year, but it was not the full next year model.  For all effective purposes, it's a different model than the years it is stuck between.  These '95' models seemed to happen in 2020 and 2021.  So there were what I would call a '2020.5' and '2021.5' model.  Also, the original 17" Gram used '99' vs '90' or '95'.


The last digit is the model year:

r = 2023

q = 2022

p = 2021

o = never used since would probably be confused with zero used on the first 17"

n = 2020

0 = 2019


This is just what I've been able to figure out so if there's additional info, feel free to add to it!

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Good summary. I have the 17Z95P-K.AAE8U1, so that's 17", 'mid year', 2021. 


The '95' part is probably the least 'satisfying' in your analysis, as it may also be used to indicate deviations from the base spec? Or, could it reflect finger print reader? Mine does have an FP apparently (don't use it). And it has backlit keyboard. 


The 'K.AAE8U1' part of my model number is presumably there to cover CPU (i5, i7, etc), memory size (16G, 32G, etc), storage size (512G, 1T, etc), windows version (Home, Pro).  




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