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W10 LTSC IOT on the 17z90n and 17z90q


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So I recently purchased these used for a very specific purpose--to be a portable RDP client with a 2560x1600 display. 


Why?  Because my main 'workstation' is a win10 IOT thin client attached to a 30" 2560x1600 display.  And I have this same setup in various physical locations that I need to work because of the 16:10 aspect ratio and resolution that lets me work fast and efficiently.  I just RDP around to my 'main' and pretty much continue working right where I left off.


My portable situation was less efficient because all I had was a 17" 1080p HP 8760w.  While nice, not having the same screen resolution meant that I couldn't work as efficiently or as quickly.  I couldn't justify the $1000+ price point of most laptops having a 2560x1600 display, but used Grams have come down in price dramatically and I was able to pick up two (one as a spare).


Now comes the challenge of getting my win10 IOT image from the thin client to work on the LGs.  I've had zero luck so far. 


So while I'm don't want to do a complete install from scratch, it seems like that will be the least time consuming option once I can get the isos downloaded.  What I'd love to know is if anyone has tried this and any tips?  Thank you in advance!

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