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Portable video player options.


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Hopefully, this is in the right section…


Ive been looking for a handheld or portable video player for kids, something with a simple interface.


I am aware of cheap mp4 players off of eBay and the like, but those often have hoops to jump through as far as getting the media to work.


I am hoping to find something that I can hook up to a pc as external storage. Like a portable dvd player with a hard drive and will play most video formats.


I have tried tablets in the past and it has always been more of a hassle than it’s worth.


My wife recently has been letting our kids watch videos off of an old iPod and it has been working perfectly.


Again though the issue comes with iTunes being somewhat finicky a loading videos on it.  But this might be what I end up doing.



Asking to see if anyone had any other ideas.


Thank you! 

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A tablet running Android should just allow you to connect the device to a Windows PC, have it mount as external storage, then copy all the needed files. Even better, this Walmart Onn Pro has a microSD card slot that you could load with media. The tablet also has a kids mode you can enable that should prevent them from being able to access things they shouldn't.


onn. 11" Tablet Pro, 128GB (2023 Model), Silver - Walmart.com



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My 150 dollar Samsung galaxy tab A8 can do this as well.  Pop the SD card in for media. Great tablet with great battery life.  Another option is an older iPad and go that route. 

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