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Community Question - Modern Ultrabooks & broken Windows 11 power mgmt


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Greetings Notebook Talk folks!

I'm writing out of some desperation, to ask the experts about windows 11's power management issues and throttling problems of intel "u" series cpu's (15w class CPUs). 

I've been an overclocker and power user since the netburst era, up until about sandy bridge. I'm not up to speed any more, and a lot has changed. I need a powerful laptop for work while travelling - and just bought a Lenovo T14s with an intel i7 1167gu, going off cpumark numbers. I've now realized that it's a completely unsuitable comparison - because of severe throttling and power management issues. 

My question is now this: 

Are there ANY ultrabook models, or manufacturers, that do not suffer from completely use-breaking bios/driver issues or windows 11 compatibility problems, where performance is concerned? I just need a roughly 12000cpumark level machine that will run rock solid, for hours. Are there any manufacturers that make stuff that just works and doesn't require hours and hours of finding patches and workarounds to fix completely elementary/core things? Or, alternatively, would you suggest moving back down to windows 10 to get around these problems (i'm very tempted to right now..)? 

For example: the T14s gen2 is a fantastic machine, but completely broken for power users. DPC latency over 7000 every 5-10 minutes, but more importantly - after running some cpu intensive stuff, the notebook randomly switches something in power management - and windows 11's neutered power management options seem to be completely unrelated to what the laptop is actually running. Setting it to "performance" doesn't do anything. The fans occasionally completely turn off on their own accord, and the notebook heats up quickly, eventually throttling to 0.39ghz and staying there at 90c. Lenovo's tools do not give any visibility into power management and no control whatsoever. Upon researching - users online wrote an app, TPFanControl - just to keep their notebook from blowing up. And lenovo has done nothing *for two years*. There are also issues where something in power management affects the global mouse/pointer response: when the laptop is plugged in, it will occasionally introduce a severe (~400ms!) mouse input latency. Affects both physical mouse and trackpad. Lasts for a few minutes, and randomly goes away. This is also well documented. There is also no identified solution for this other than some registry hacks to disable certain windows features. 


In summary - I'm in a critical time crunch (i'm travelling and need to find a laptop for work within 24 hours). I need help please to figure out if there are any ultrabook models that will actually work out of the box and allow me to replace my desktop without jumping through a million hoops to get them working right. The old thinkpads (like x230 for example) used to be EXACTLY this. Now they seem to be worse than HP. 

Please let me know your recommendations!

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