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Enshrouded. Anyone else waiting for it?


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Anyone else likes RPG games with a crafting/building component?

The last one I played was Valheim (completed it twice: first time 5 biomes, second time - 6). But they're still soooo slow in developing it... I just gave up on it after the second playthrough.

But now I learned about Enshrouded sometime ago, and it seems very promising. They're also not shy to give deadlines and promise to finish it in 2024, with EA available sometime later this year (And there will be a free Demo available on 9th October in case you want to try it out.)





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Currently and formerly owned laptops (specs below):

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N-1                             -> Dell Precision 5560 (my lady's)

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Moldy Crow             -> Dell XPS 15 9550



Senenity / N-1: Dell Precision 5560
    i7-11800H CPU
    1x32 GB DDR4 2,666 MHz
    512 GB SSD
    NVIDIA T1200
    FHD+ 1920x1200
    PopOS 22.04


Millenium Falcon: Dell Precision 5530
    i9-8950HK CPU
    2x16 GB DDR4 2,666 MHz
    1 TB SSD
    NVIDIA Quadro P2000
    UHD 3840x2160
    Ubuntu 22.04 / Windows 10 LTSC


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Looks good will have to check it out..so many great games creeping up this year. I have about 150 good games in my backlog..haha 1 more won't hurt

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            Omen 16 2021

            Zenbook 14 oled

            Vivobook 15x oled


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