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Requirements for your next laptop.


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These are my uses: 3D, Video editing,  gaming, TV series, movies etc.



My Laptops requirements:


Silence: needs to be Zero Noise while listening music, seeing movies, navigating internet sites, general office work. It is a PC manufacturer engineering shame that a minimal smartphone can do this but not a big laptop.

Thunderbolt :  needs to be able to work with top eGPU's for 3D, Video editing and gaming, also other uses like AI.

Screen:  P3 colour but with also a good 100% sRGB setting available. 17.3 or 18" screen.

Internal GPU: 16GB VRAM minimum..

RAM: soldered modules not acceptable unless it is 64GB and the laptop is cheap.

CPU: single core needs to be stronger.

Battery. 99wh, consumption should be very low without components pushing. 8-9 hours minimum for navigating web, general office, listening music. 

Weight: Ideally around 2-2.5kg


Ideally we should be able to add VRAM to laptop or that RAM as same class as VRAM and add up to the memory pool like Apple Mac's. PC's are facing defeat from Mac if Apple fix their performance and software availability issues.









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