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External multi drive nVME / NVME Nas solutions


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I am looking for a new NAS, I was looking at QNAP and Synology NAS's, but Storage is changing and I am looking at devices that are straight up nvme drives and no mechanical hard drives.

First I found this, but the price seems really high for a 2 drive solution:




Then I found some videos about these things:




These offer 6 or 12 NVME slots depending on the model, but wow, the prices are crazy without any drives.....

What are other solutions? Could I get a small case with an ITX motherboard, be able to support up to 64gb of DDR5 in 2 slots, have more PCIe lanes with an AMD processor and use some ICY Dock 3.5 inch bay adapters to stuff 4 or 6 NVME drives in each slot and run Ture NAS or something similar?

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Really the best solution will depend on your throughput needs and degree of separation between your main system and the storage.


First link - Fast direct thunderbolt connection 3.5GB/sec throughput realistic max.

Second link - Fast network connection (2.5Gb) so 200MB/sec realistic max.

Third idea - Host computer. You could put a 10Gb network card and direct connect or use a switch  so 800MB/sec realistic max. Or use the computer direct, if you need it all direct attached this solution will be the fastest in terms of raw I/O throughput. 


What do you need physically and electrically basically?

Sager NP9877

Hybrid Watercooled setup, D5 pump with dual 140MM fans integrated into custom stand. All controlled via temp outputs from GPU and CPU.

17.3" 1440p 120Hz display + 32" 4k MSI IPS 160Hz display

9900KS @ 4.8Ghz (47x102Mhz) All core, delid with rockit IHS, liquid metal

RTX 3070 @ 180W shunt mod, liquid metal

32GB (16x2 dual rank) 3280Mhz DDR4 CL16



Dual 330W PSU 

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