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Circling back...M1 vs 1165G7. The actual difference is not what is claimed by many mac'centric youtubers


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So, I have been sitting around watching the ole tube lately. So I decided to search Apple M1 vs. intel 1165g7.  I get the normal culprits like Luke Miani and Maxtech. I watch those and they are claiming 120 percent faster on real world testing. I thought to myself, WOW. those mjesus chips are insane.  Then I started watching NON brand loyal channels and a very different outcome was coming from those people who didn't want clickbaity videos.


Turns out the M1 and the 1165G7 are VERY close in both performance and battery life.  Doing low power activities like web browsing and youtube etc, the M series will get 3 to 4 hours better battery life than the intel.  once pushed the numbers change drastically.  They are within 1 hr of each other once heavy loads are applied. Meaning the M series will get one hour or less better battery life than the intel chipset.  Hardly something worth going apecrap over. 


Then comes the performance side of things. The Nonclickbaity channels do REAL real world test. (who knows what Maxtech has done to the intel machine or their tests), and once again, the 1165g7 trades blows with the M1 in real world tests. Sometimes the m series finishes first, sometimes the intel does.  It's not the blow out that the other dance and crow about.  It's the same results I am seeing with my one intel based notebook. I never see slow downs etc. Yeah it takes a bit to render and export 4k video on it, but it also takes just as long for the M1 to do it. The difference is 3 mins or less. NOT the 20 min faster that Luke and Max claim constantly. Like I said, they probably force the intel into low power mode somehow or have the benchmarking system neutered for the intel. 


I went and used the M2 macbook air for a good hour a few weeks back at work doing things with it and never thought once, this is extremely faster than my current system. I do like the display better than mine but hey....not a huge deal as my display still is fine, its the apple is a little better. 


All in all, I am going to stay with my current systems and move to a pixel 8 Pro instead of buying new macs. 

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