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Dell inspiron 1300/B130 ram upgrade question


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Continued from https://www.nbrchive.net/xfa/dell.4/dell inspiron 1300 B130 ram upgrade question/

I found this thread and didn't find an answer anywhere in the archive of 1300 threads and have the answers so I'll post it.

i have the above mentioned latop and i currently have 1 1gb stick of ram and 1 512mb stick of ram occupying the two available ram slots

i was wondering if it is possible to stick 1 2gb stick of ram in the and have the laptop recognnize it and work properly? or is 1gb/slot the max?

anyone tried putting a 2gb dimm in or know the answer?

The limit of the 1300 is 2GB no matter how you do it.  I tried a single 2GB module and it would work fine until I add any other module which would then mess up the video.  I could put in 2x 1GB and that worked fine.

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