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Deep Clean iOS devices using 3uTools on Windows


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Migrating iOS cleanup thread. Apples to ios 10+.

Usual Symptoms to try Deep clean:

  1. Re-indexing takes too much battery
  2. Mysterious battery drain
  3. Sudden reduction in Storage space on lower capacity models.

Use the deep clean feature every 3 months or if you're super OCD limit to once or twice a month. Regular cleaning doesn't bring too much improvements.

The cleanup is similar to what other iOS cleaners Paid version provides. If you've a paid product don't uninstall it and run 3utools alongside current offerings.

Additional iOS cleanup using 3uTools on windows:

I'm using 3utools to clean up some iOS cache and unnecessary file aka re-indexing files after iOS update.

Step 1: Take a backup. Choose selective or full backup.


Step 2: Delete Photo Cache and reduce re-indexing time to save some battery.

Note: In iOS 13.x and above deleting thumbnails causing photos to disappear permanently hence, not recommended to remove Thumbnail folder.


(Screenshot depicting iOS 12 device)

Do note the path is /Photodata.
CPL,face metadata, metadata,album metadata and backup database are important and deletion are permanent.
Mutation folder contains original copy of picture or pictures/videos you cropped or edited and these are leftover even after choosing Keep edited file and remove original file(s).
MISC contains a thumbnail of photo coupled with location tag.
I've seen Thumbnails folder being over 1GB even after deleting large number of photos from iPhone and recently deleted folder.
Hopefully users will gain several MBs to GBs after this step.

Step 3: Delete contents of /Downloads and reboot the iDevice.


Rebooting iDevice can be done from main screen Reboot option.

Suggestions are welcome.
iTunes Album art cleanup are under test and I did see some albums missing, so I will be adding the enhanced itunes cleanup in few weeks. [Too risky and breaks all thumbnails and album arts in iTunes]

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