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FZ G1 tips, tricks, mods ?


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The NBR Archive, Panasonic section link is in that thread. It's all of them in a row. So the best way to search is to go into the Panasonic section and  hit Ctrl + F and a search bar will come up on the bottom. Once you do that Type in the name of the thread you want, That won't search for stuff in the thread.


Direct link


https://www.nbrchive.net/xfa/panasonic.1012/FZ G1 tips, tricks, mods/


Toughbook CF-19Mk3, Mk5, Mk6, CF-31 Mk3, CF-U1 Mk1, Mk2.5, CF-52 Mk1 Hi, CF-28 Mk2, CF-29 Mk3, CF-07,


Alienware 17 R5 i7-8750H, GTX 1070, 16GB, 1TB HD ,256GB SSD


Voodoo Pc Envy M355, M360, U703, M780,


Desktop cases

Voodoo Hexx, Rage, Omen, Idol

Alienware Predator 2, Hanger 18

Falcon Northwest Tiki

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