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Antenn Ipex4 Wlan Wgt WL2 PCB (6-23-7P775-221 *950 mm*) WL1 PCB (6-23-7P775-010 *650mm*)


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Hi all guys, I'm hoping you can help me look for these 2 wifi cables for clevo P775DM3-G, on the clevo site there is only availability for cable 6-23-7P775-010, whereas I need both 
6-23-7P775- 010
I found them on ebay but they are in the UK and between duty etc they cost me almost 50 euros used because I live in Italy, If some good soul has availability for these cables and maybe lives in a European community country and wants to sell them, I would be very grateful.
PS: I offer maximum severity and punctuality in Paypal payments.


EDIT: Update, in the meantime I also contacted the manufacturer to ask if they had them available, I had already bought from the manufacturer in the past.

I also attach the manual for my modified Clevo with DSanke bios, maybe it will be useful to someone.

Full manual link with spare parts:



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