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P5000 Performance, Benchmarks, Best practices


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Hi, Forum

I was able to get a P5000 up and running in my m17xr4. That said, the process has definitely generated some interesting numbers and questions:


(Context/environment: M17Xr4 running in peg mode with the 120hz screen)

(also I'm going to refer to the standard mxm format 1070 as an mxm 1070 and the oversized mxm 1070 as an msi 1070)


1. First, idle temperature: Noticeably higher than any 1070 I've tested. The idle temperature is about 47c versus 35c on the 1070 (edit: this may just have been an artifact of un-cured thermal compound - a few hours later the idle temp is 40c).


2. Furmark load test:


Load Board draw: ~100w --> Lower than expected

Load Chip draw: ~50w --> Also lower than expected

Load Temp: ~64c --> Lower than a 1070 but tracks with what appears to be a lower-wattage card

Load Core clock: ~1570mhz --> Somewhat lower than a 1070 but tracks as above

Load Memory clock 1500mhz --> Maybe interesting there. 1070 memory usually runs at 2000mhz iirc


3. Firestrike: Graphics at ~16000, which is some-ways off from the 17000-18000 on the 1070s I've had


4. Also, overclocking appears to be locked-out. Not sure if anyone ever posted an unlocked vbios for these.


5. With both this card and an mxm 1070 I have on hand (but not the MSI 1070 I used to have or the 970m I have in a bin):

I get 7 beeps on power up... but can proceed to post by pressing the power button once.

I have... no idea what's going on with that. It does not happen when I use the reset command.

Honestly it could be a coincidence and I should likely check with the 970m again... Just wish I had more tiny screws for the maxwell-era mxm x brackets... because then I could leave more cards mounted to the various heatsinks i've collected.


6. Anyone know where to get more of these tiny (tinier than the screws normally mounted to a cicichen heatsink or pascal x-bracket) screws? I'm not even sure how to gauge them, tbh. I recall getting them with 980m and 970m kits back in the day.


7. VR headsets and high refresh rate monitors work with the p5000 where they do not work with the mxm 1070. Interesting note but not overly useful.



That's about all I've got! It would be interesting to unlock overclocking for the sake experimentation and benchmarking but definitely not critical on a machine that just shoulders misc workloads and legacy projects. The dismiss-able 7-beeps thing however is a bit concerning... So if anyone remembers what that might be... I'd love to hear it. I'm only really familiar with the show-stopping version of this error (cpu/memory/mainboard error) and 8-beeps for display errors.


AW M18 R1 | i9-13900HX | RTX4090 | 64GB DDR5 

AW M17XR4 | i7-3940XM | GTX1070 | 32GB DDR3

AW M15X | i7-940XM | GTX970m | 16GB DDR3

Formerly Schurke of NBR and TechInferno

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