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AMD Announces Ryzen 8040 Mobile Series... Basically the Same as 7040

Sandy Bridge

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One of the many stories: https://www.anandtech.com/show/21177/amd-unveils-ryzen-8040-mobile-series-apus-hawk-point-with-zen-4-and-ryzen-ai


In short, pretty much the only difference is enabling an AI part of the chip that was present but not enabled on most of the 7040 series.  Beyond that, clock speeds, core counts, and everything else is the same.


No news on a potential 8050 series, which would use a new architecture and thus offer improvements rather than a rebadge.


All in all... I have a hard time thinking of a less exciting launch.  Sure, there have been rebadges before, so there is competition, but... I still posit that the correct naming scheme would have had the first digit be the architectural generation.  That way you'd know you're getting something new when you buy the highest first digit, and from a marketing standpoint it would still push people to buy the latest and generally priciest chips.


I'll be sticking with my Ryzen 5000 chip... it's actually still pretty darn fast, too.

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