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Keyboard/keycap type for XMG P170EM


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I have just "inherited" an XMG P170EM from one of my boys.  It's a million types better than the old Dell I was using.


However, the "S" keycap is missing.  In the past I have repaired laptop keyboards by buying keycaps.  However, there are different types.  In the past it was easy, as the laptops were IBM/Lenovo.


Does anyone know what to specify for when I order a new one for the XMG?



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SOLVED - kind of...


I contacted the support email address on the XMG website, but after a few days, with no reply, I found a Reddit group for XMG laptops and there was a user there called "besteware", saying they were the official support for Clevo/Schenker/XMG computers. I contacted them.


They replied quite quickly, but said because the laptop was so old, they no longer supported it. Sorry.


Then, I had a flash of genius! 💡 I rarely every use the [ ´ ] key that puts accents above letters, so... I moved it to where the S should be. Et voila! I can now type half-decently again!


The later that day, I get an email from XMG support telling me how I can order parts...

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