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Windows + Dell fingerprint reader security


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I almost wish I hadn't read this article:




Security researchers Jesse D'Aguanno and Timo Teräs write that, with varying degrees of reverse-engineering and using some external hardware, they were able to fool the Goodix fingerprint sensor in a Dell Inspiron 15, the Synaptic sensor in a Lenovo ThinkPad T14, and the ELAN sensor in one of Microsoft's own Surface Pro Type Covers. ...

Each fingerprint sensor was ultimately defeated by a different weakness. The Dell laptop's Goodix fingerprint sensor implemented SDCP properly in Windows but used no such protections in Linux. Connecting the fingerprint sensor to a Raspberry Pi 4, the team was able to exploit the Linux support plus "poor code quality" to enroll a new fingerprint that would allow entry into a Windows account.

Is there a way Dell or Microsoft can fix this with software or a firmware update?



Researchers crack Windows Hello fingerprint authentication | TechSpot

Microsoft’s Windows Hello fingerprint authentication has been bypassed - The Verge



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