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2 Alienware m18x R2 confirmed no nvidia hdmi sound hardware ouput using A11 unlocked


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It's been almost a year and no luck making this work with new drivers and NVcleaninstall with nvidia audio support checked in the install package.  I can confirm a second Alienware m18x r2 now has no NVidia audio output after switching to A11 bios from factory.  I have to be missing something.  2 of them? Really?  The whole reason I bought a second one was to work as a test bed.  It was working previously on stock bios and an older Gtx660M stock drivers.  I have researched that audio bios switching may be a culprit with other laptops like MSI.  I see no options in A11 bios.  At the end of the line here.  So basically if I want a newer graphics card I have to use A11 unlocked but lose HDMI audio output.  Not a choice I want to deal with.  Would like to have HDMI audio playback for Blu Ray.  Is that really too much to ask at this point or is this the sacrifice for playing on old tech? There are no sound output options in device manager either.  Try a different bios? Zwicks?  Baseball bat?  


Ready to be done with this





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I've never heard of anyone losing audio output when running an upgraded card with an unlocked BIOS. Do you completely lose audio or it just doesn't work through an HDMI device with it's own speakers? I used to run a 1070 in my R2 and never had sound problems but I was just using an external monitor and was still just using the systems internal speakers. 

I'd have to pull the old R2 out and do some testing to understand what issue you're having. 

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