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Would a GL.iNet travel router improve security connecting to unknown wifi vs. windows alone?


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Would a GL.iNET travel router such as the GL.iNet GL-AXT1800 ( https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B2J7WSDK/ ) improve security vs. connecting to unkown untrusted wifi networks with a windows laptop alone?


On one hand, I imagine windows might receive security updates faster than a product such as the GL.INET router. So in a worst case the GL.iNET router might introduce an additional security issue by adding it to the mix.


On the other hand, adding the GLiNet router would add a layer of nat security between the untrusted wifi and the windows laptop.


What do you think -- would carrying one of these be a security benefit when connecting a windows laptop to unknown wifi, such as in an unknown airbnb in a foreign country?

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Or maybe a GL.iNet GL-MT3000. According to OpenWrt Firmware Selector you have the option to install the open source generic OpenWrt latest firmware on it. I don't know how much functionality would be lost by running the latest generic firmware vs. the GL customized firmware, but that might partially alleviate a concern with how up-to-date the software on (any) travel router is vs. windows for example.

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